PGA Championship Odds

The PGA Championship is one of the most bet on events in Golf, which as one of the majors, comes as no surprise. Brooks Koepka won his third PGA Championship in 2023, which was this fifth major title. It was also the eighth year in a row than an American had won the tournament after just two wins in the previous eight years. Betting on another year of American domination in 2024? The odds certainly suggest that the 2024 PGA Championship may follow in the footsteps of the 2023 PGA Championship with Scottie Scheffler and defending champion Brooks Koepka sitting towards the top of the odds. If you're looking to back a non-American winner, Jon Rahm, Viktor Hovland and Rory Mcilroy are top picks based on their major championships experience.

Betting on the PGA Championship

When it comes to the PGA Championship, you can access both outright and in-play betting options as the competition develops throughout the month of May.

As we approach the start of the competition, you can begin looking at the outright betting options available for the tournament, including which golfer is likely to finish as the winner. Outright PGA Championship betting options don't stop there. You can also discover odds for finishing positions, allowing you to bet on whether a player will finish in the top 10 etc.

Aside from the final winner, you could also consider PGA Championship odds for the First-Round leader. This bet is decided by correctly predicting who will lead the competition by the end of the first round.

Live in-play Golf betting provides a completely different approach if you're looking at betting on the PGA Championship. These bet types are typically more short-term focused and allow you to place bets live as you spectate the game.

For live PGA Championship odds, you could consider options such as who will score better per hole and betting on the specific score that they might hit on that hole. For example, will they hit a birdie or par on their upcoming hole?

PGA Championship Betting Odds and Markets

When looking for the best PGA Championship odds, you will have to analyse the markets and determine who the best value for money bets are for the competition. With this in mind, there are a large number of betting markets that are available for bettors to analyse from the outright winner all the way to top 20 finishers. Here are just some of the betting markets available for the PGA Championship.

Outright Winner: This is the act of betting on the overall winner of the PGA Championship, the shorter the odds, the better their perceived chances of success. Last time out, Brooks Koepka won the 2023 PGA Championship and started the event with low odds. With this process, you can also place an each way bet, this allows you to receive payouts if your Golfer finishes in a selected number of places. In our opinion, placing an each way bet on the winner is the best way to bet on Golf due to heightened odds and the large number of athletes in each event. The previous year's PGA Championship may have seen a shorter odds winner but if you look slightly lower down in the official world golf ranking, you'll find some fantastic players at higher odds.

Position Finishers: If players are only able to bet on the outright winner, their bet can be lost on the opening day. Golf majors are incredibly competitive and that is why we offer top 5, top 10 and top 20 finishes in our Golf bets. Mito Pereira in the previous PGA Championship is a good example of this, despite not being ranked in the top 40 in his career, he finished under par in all three rounds and secured his position in the top five despite having higher odds at the start of the competition.

First Rounder Leader: Arguably just as hard to bet on as the outright winner. However, if there is history of Golfers having fantastic starts to competitions but falling short in the end, they are Golfers you can bet on here. A large number of Golfers will focus on consistency across a weekend while others might play a riskier game, those riskier Golfers are arguably the best to back for this market.

Head to Head: If two players are perceived as equals, you might find head to head betting pop up as a market, if you're unsure on how a player will perform, you can check out the head to head markets to see who they are aligned against. Typically, these will be two of the highest quality Golfers such as Rory Mcilroy and Phil Mickelson where both players could realistically win the trophy.

Winning Country: If you're torn between two Golfers and they're both from the same country, backing the winning country is a fantastic bet to have available to you. The odds will be significantly lower than backing either player to win but it also gives you the chance to back some outsiders at the same time.

Finding the latest PGA Championship Odds

Throughout each day, the performances on the course will start to reflect who is performing well and those struggling to find their feet at the bottom of the leaderboard. With this being the case, the betting odds for the PGA Championship will likely be updated to reflect these events.

For example, if golfer A is steaming ahead at the top of the table, looking set for the trophy, their odds of winning the competition will drop to reflect the likelihood of this occurring.

Staying on top of the results and performances throughout the PGA Championship can help you to find the best odds as these betting markets are updated. You will also be able to understand why some odds might be lower when compared to others.

At Bet UK, we offer all the latest US PGA odds, including both the option to bet live in-play or outright ahead of the competition. So, whether you're considering an outright bet before the final round or you're looking to bet live on the result of the upcoming hole, you can discover all the available options online.

PGA Championship Betting FAQs

What is the PGA Championship?

As one of the four major championship competitions within golf, the PGA (Professional Golfers Association) Championship is an American tournament that takes place each year, bringing together some of the sport's greatest professionals.

How does the PGA Championship work?

For golfers to qualify for the Championship, they will need to meet one of the requirements on the criteria list, covering a range of aspects such as; previous winners of other major competitions, top 100 world rankings and more.

PGA Championships will get underway in the month of May as the world's top golfing talent competes across a 72-hole format, with the lowest-scoring player taking home the trophy.

Of the total 72 holes, these are broken down into four days of 18 holes.

Where is the PGA Championship hosted?

The PGA Championship is an American Major Championship, taking place at many courses across the country, including Oak Hill Country Club, Southern Hills Country Club and Kiawah Island. In 2024, the event will be held at the Valhalla Golf Club.

Past Winners in PGA Championship history?

Having started in 1916, the Championship has collected a number of winners over the years, with some of the standout stars including; Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and Rory McIlroy.

Of the three, Jack Nicklaus is the most successful in the competition's history, claiming a total of five titles. Tiger Woods is a close second with four titles to his name, but he is still in the running to achieve more. Rory McIlroy is one of the more recent successes, paving his way to one of the top-ranked professionals in the world and achieving his second PGA Championship in 2012.

What is the PGA Tour?

The PGA Tour is the organisation responsible for each of the major golf competitions, including the PGA Championship.

What is the most popular betting option?

For this tournament, the outright bet for the individual that will win the competition is typically the most selected. These options typically provide higher payout odds as there is a total of 156 players taking part.

Even though there are favourites to win the competition each year, it still remains difficult to predict who will be crowned the champion.

There is no sure way of saying which bet type is the best to choose, as all bets have the chance of losing, as punters can't predict every outcome on the course.

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