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Football Transfers Betting

In the United Kingdom, one of the most valuable betting markets over the Summer months is the Transfer betting market. As the summer transfer window is the optimum opportunity for teams to sign players ahead of the new season. Each year, the transfer window changes but in the UK, we more than often find bets on Premier League players, which makes the Premier League transfer window one of the most important in the world today.

In the UK, you'll be able to find betting odds for a variety of markets and players from across the world. For example, if you're looking to find betting odds for Raheem Sterling to leave Manchester City, you can find exactly that using our sportsbook.

Football Transfer Odds

If you find a bet that sits at 1/10 or lower, it means that a number of players have recently placed a bet on a player joining a specific team. This doesn't mean that a player is more or less likely to join a team, it just means that the number of bets on that market have shifted. Another reason that the odds for transfer betting can increase or decrease is media speculation. If there are hundreds of media outlets claiming that Gabriel Jesus' move to Arsenal is close, the odds for Jesus moving to other clubs will rise and the odds of him moving to Arsenal will decrease.

Transfer Specials: To sign for before 3rd September

This is the most common bet in regards to online transfer betting as it is the main feature of the Summer transfer window. This is the window where the biggest names in the world look to change clubs and teams around the world look to bolster their squads. For example, this year the likes of Arsenal, Aston Villa and Newcastle United will likely sign a number of players with the hope of improving their squad in order to improve on ultimately disappointing campaigns last season.

Transfer Specials: To sign for before 1st January

This is the betting market set in the winter window. Once again, it is just a case of switching the summer window for the winter window. However, in the winter window, there are a number of contributing factors which can push a player into forcing a move away from their club mid-season. Some of these factors are:

A team underperforming: If a team is expected to finish top 4 but is floating around in mid-table, you may find their better players look for a transfer.

A lack of playing time: If a player isn't playing often, they may look for a transfer, this is particularly applicable ahead of international tournaments such as the European Championships and the World Cup.

In-form players: If a player from a smaller team has performed incredibly well, he will attract interest from bigger clubs and their club will look to potentially cash in while interest is high.

2022 Summer Transfer Window Betting

Here at Bet UK, we have a wide range of betting markets on individual players with over 50 players in our betting markets. So, instead of pushing all 50+ into one table, we've picked out the five best value for money transfer bets for the Summer window.

Player Most likely to sign Odds
Robert Lewandowski Stay at Bayern 11/5
Isco Go to Roma 2/1
Bernardo Silva Stay at Man City 7/20
Juan Mata Move to Valencia 1/1
Jules Kounde Move to Barcelona 7/4

Five most expensive players sold in the Summer Window

  • Neymar - Barcelona to Paris Saint Germain (222 million euros)
  • Kylian Mbappe - Monaco to Paris Saint Germain (180 million euros)
  • Joao Felix - Benfica to Atletico Madrid (126 million euros)
  • Antoine Griezmann - Atletico Madrid to Barcelona (120 million euros)
  • Jack Grealish - Aston Villa to Manchester City (116 million euros)

Five most expensive players sold in the Winter Window

  • Philippe Coutinho - Liverpool to Barcelona (120 million euros)
  • Virgil Van Dijk - Southampton to Liverpool (85 million euros)
  • Dusan Vlahovic - Juventus to Fiorentina (82 million euros)
  • Aymeric Laporte - Athletic Bilbao to Manchester City (65 million euros)
  • Christian Pulisic - Borussia Dortmund to Chelsea (64 million euros)

Transfers Betting FAQs

Q. Which team are most likely to buy players in the summer window?

A. Newcastle United were recently taken over by a Saudi-backed consortium, meaning that they now have the richest owners in the world but a shoestring budget squad. This means that they'll likely look to sign a lot of players and sell a lot of players in this window.

Q. Will transfer odds change daily?

A. Yes. As new information regularly comes out regarding all transfers, it isn't uncommon to find new odds for a wide range of markets every day.

Q. Can I use my free bet stakes on Transfers?

A. This will vary depending on which bonus offer you are receiving, the bonus will often tell you which markets free bets can be utilised on. However, for most bonus offers, you will be able to use your free bets on transfer betting markets.

Q. What is better player transfer betting or manager transfer betting?

A. Typically player transfer betting is a better option than manager transfer betting as it has a wider range of options and has a set date attached to it's final moment. For example, if you're betting on the summer transfer windows, the end date will likely be 3rd September. However, with manager betting, teams can have interim managers and caretaker managers for months, meaning that anything can change.

Q. For what league will I find the most football transfers?

A. If you're looking for transfer betting markets, you'll likely find the majority of transfers involve the Premier League. British teams are more active in the transfer market due to the influx of TV money attached to these teams. Teams such as Manchester City and Manchester United have funded a number of transfers from leagues across the world with their high-value additions.

Q. Can football fans affect betting odds for transfers?

A. Absolutely. If 100 fans place a bet on a single betting market, then the odds of that particular bet will decrease rapidly. This is similar to a number of elements for the season ahead, if a number of players put bets on one market, the odds are going to dramatically shorten. To find good odds, you need to find a likely aspect that many fans wouldn't have bet on in the UK, for example, Real Madrid were fantastic odds to win the Champions League throughout as many teams were betting on the likes of Liverpool and Manchester City to win the tournament last season. Next season, the odds of Real Madrid winning the Champions League will be shorter due to a larger number of fans betting on the club to win.

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