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Copa Del Rey Betting

The Copa Del Rey is one of the top competitions in world football and presents the best teams of Spain to the world. This knockout tournament is also the oldest competition in Spanish football, making it one of the most prestigious national competitions in the world.

If teams manage to win the competition, they will qualify for the next season's UEFA Europa League. If a team has won the Spanish Cup and already qualified through their league position, then the position in the Europa League will fall to the next team in the league. Until 2014, this position was given to the Copa Del Rey runner-up, meaning that making it to the latter stages of the competition was beneficial in itself.

Copa Del Rey Match Betting

When checking odds at the bookmakers for the Copa Del Rey, a number of attributes have to be considered, not just the standard - who are the better team? For example, if you check our La Liga page, you may notice that odds for the same fixture could be dramatically different, even with the same game. Even with the same opponent, games played on a Wednesday and Saturday could have vastly different betting odds and predictions for the score. Towards the end of the competition, games are played later in the week, similar to a typical La Liga fixture, so teams who are playing in competitions such as the Champions League and Europa League are prone to shock results with this format, these teams will either take the competition seriously and progress far into the tournament or suffer shock defeats looking to prioritise competitions other than the Spanish Copa Del Rey.

Copa Del Rey Outright 2023/24 Betting

If you're looking to place bets on the 2023/24 Spanish Copa Del Rey, the best place to do exactly that is at Bet UK. For this season's competition, our players can find outright betting odds at each stage of the competition alongside our dynamic in-play betting markets, which can provide betting odds on each stage of the game, whether it's goals scored, cards, corners and more!

Our current favourites for the 2023/24 competition are Real Madrid, who have won the trophy 4 times in 19 years. This may hint that it could be worth going for some teams with wider odds, such as Real Betis, who won the competition two years ago, before Madrid's triumph against Osasuna in 2023.

After each round of the competition, you will find out what the next Copa Del Rey match will include, with teams being drawn against each other. The domestic cup comprises teams from the top tier and lower divisions of Spanish football, potentially paving the way for an upset.

With Copa Del Rey betting, for any matches where you have a clear favourite, handicap betting can improve the odds by creating an advantage for the underdog. For example, Elche CF might find themselves up against Real Madrid, but a handicap of -2.5 would mean that Madrid needs to win by more than 2.5 goals for the bet to be successful.

At Bet UK, Copa Del Rey betting also displays the latest odds for the top goalscorer award come to the end of the tournament. As teams can take an early exit, considering players who have the quality to get goals, as well as those who are likely to make it to the later stages of the tournament, will be key factors for selecting a good candidate.

Copa Del Rey Final Betting: Last 10

Year Winner Runner Up Favourite?
2022/23 Real Madrid Osasuna Yes
2021/22 Real Betis Valencia Yes
2020/21 Barcelona Athletic Bilbao Yes
2019/20 Real Sociedad Athletic Bilbao Yes
2018/19 Valencia Barcelona No
2017/18 Barcelona Sevilla Yes
2016/17 Barcelona Alaves Yes
2015/16 Barcelona Sevilla Yes
2014/15 Barcelona Athletic Bilbao Yes
2013/14 Real Madrid Barcelona No
2012/13 Atletico Madrid Real Madrid No

As you can see when it comes down to the final of the Copa Del Rey, the vast majority of the time, the favourite comes out on top. The only exception in recent years is when Valencia defeated Barcelona in 2018/19. However, as Barcelona has made the final seven out of the last ten seasons, they are certainly considered strong challengers for each season.

Copa Del Rey FAQs

Who won the last Copa Del Rey?

Real Madrid came into the 2022/23 competition as favourites and backed that up with an impressive performance across the campaign, beating outsiders Osasuna is a closely-contended final.

Who are the favourites to lift the Copa Del Rey?

After winning the 2022/23 Copa Del Rey, Real Madrid sit as early favourites to win the 2023/24 rendition of the competition.

Who has won the Copa Del Rey the most?

The most successful team in the history of the Copa Del Rey is Barcelona, who have won the competition 31 times. What may surprise bettors is that the second most successful team isn't Real Madrid who find themselves behind Athletic Bilbao (Also known as Athletic Club) who have won the competition 23 times.

Who has the worst record in Copa Del Rey finals?

Celta Vigo is the club who have the worst record in Copa Del Rey finals, they have made the final on three occasions and failed to win on all three occasions. They lost to Real Zaragoza twice and Sevilla once.

Has a team ever played its reserves in the Copa Del Rey final?

Yes. In arguably the most bizarre final in history, Real Madrid's reserves took on their main team in 1979/80. This sparked major controversy as it was believed that Castilla would let the main team win, and it would be an anti-football event. A final scoreline of 6-1 didn't help matters as eventually, reserve teams would be barred from entering the competition after 1990. However, it is worth noting that Real Madrid's reserves defeated the likes of Real Sociedad, Athletic Club, and Sporting Gijon en-route to the final.

How is the Copa Del Rey draw done?

The Copa Del Rey is randomly drawn, meaning that there are no seedings when it comes to do the draw. This means that you could get the two worst sides in Spain playing each other or you could end up with the two best sides playing each other early in the cup. This makes for a good spectacle throughout when looking at Spanish Copa Del Rey betting. This also means that during the draw, the home team for each match is picked at random.

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