Europa League Betting

Europa League betting has never been easier, and here at Bet UK you can gain access to thousands of Europa League betting odds all in the same place! Whether you want to back specific teams and players, or just have a hunch on who will win the competition, make Bet UK the place to put your knowledge to the ultimate test.

This competition is UEFA’s second biggest club tournament, and the prize isn’t just a trophy but qualification to the Champions League. Previously overlooked as a minority tournament, it is now packed with elite-level clubs and some of the biggest upcoming stars in world football.

Use the Bet UK online sportsbook to perfect your wagers, back the teams you love and follow the tournament from the first to the last kick!

Europa League Betting odds

You can enjoy Europa League betting markets all year round thanks to Bet UK. Our sportsbook features scores of varied, diverse football bets that cover every aspect of the tournament. Similar to what we offer for Champions League Betting as well.

Back your favourite teams and players to qualify for the competition during the summer, wager on the group stage, and test your knowledge to the max in the knockout rounds. Of course, we offer extensive Europa League final odds, including winner, first goalscorer, correct score and player specials!

Popular Europa League bets include:

  • Match winner
  • Group winner
  • Correct score
  • Next goalscorer
  • Europa League winner
  • Golden Boot betting

How To Bet On Europa League

It’s dead easy to bet on Europa League football. Whether it’s individual games you want to bet on, or outright markets that run throughout the tournament, the process of placing a bet is always the same.

First log into your Bet UK profile or sign up for an account today. You’ll need to be aged 18 and over, pass a number of security checks for your own safety, and make a deposit. After that, come back to this page and look over the Europa League odds. Click on an outcome you want to back, enter your stake in the pop-up bet slip, check your risk and potential reward, and hit ‘Place Bet’ to complete the process.

Then, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the games! Remember, many of our Europa League outright odds and matchday odds are featured in live betting markets. This means you might be able to cash out, or place further bets at different prices.

Best Europa League Bets

Europa League betting for individual games and outright markets is pretty straightforward – but one thing that makes this tournament stand out from the rest is the unique way the Europa League plays out.

The fact Champions League third-placed teams drop down to the second tier of European football means the Europa League odds are always susceptible to being shaken up between the group and the knockout stages.

UEFA have eased this shake-up a little bit by giving Europa League group winners a bye in the first knockout round. Still, it means the Europa League winner odds can totally scramble once the Champions League third-place teams drop down.

This happened in 2022 when Barcelona crashed into the knockout playoffs. They lasted until the quarter-finals before suffering a shock exit to Frankfurt that rumbled the Europa League odds to win. Usually, teams that fall down from the Champions League limp out. Perhaps the best bet, then, is to back a group winner from the Europa League to lift the trophy come the summer.

Europa League Winner Odds

Get the latest Europa League winner odds right here at Bet UK and see which are the Europa League favourites this season. Remember, the Europa League betting odds will fluctuate throughout the season, and there are two main dates when the changes happen swiftly.

The first is in the summer when teams are trying to qualify for the Europa League. Usually, the Europa League winner odds are much higher for teams at this stage, because there’s uncertainty over who will make the group stage.

The second big change happens over the winter when the Champions League third-place teams all drop into the Europa League. It’s never guaranteed a Champions League team will win the Europa League, but the odds will change. Bet UK update our markets constantly, so keep an eye on our odds to win Europa League for the very latest prices!

Europa League qualifying bets

You can also bet on Europa League qualifying during the summer – and this can be a great source of profits if you guess right. Many league winners in “smaller” European footballing nations enter the latter qualifying stages of the Europa League. And they can be a great source of winning bets, should they come up against lower-ranked outsiders. For those interested in betting on the preliminary qualifiers, it can be viewed as an excellent way to start the football betting season early.

Punters generally tend to stick with backing teams from the “big” European leagues in England, Spain and Germany during the tournament. But qualifying affords you the chance to look at big boys from smaller leagues, like in Denmark, Netherlands, Scotland and Portugal.

Europa League Live Betting

You can bet live on every Europa League game of the season right here at Bet UK! We offer extensive Europa League live bets and in-play markets on thousands of outcomes during each gameweek.

Whether it's the next goalscorer, half-time score, full-time result, yellow cards or corners, you can get the latest Europa League betting odds direct to your computer or phone with Bet UK! Indeed, download the Bet UK app to get Europa League odds on mobile and tablet, and take your bets with you wherever you go.

Europa League Betting FAQs

Who are the favourites to win the 2023/24 Europa League?

Liverpool are currently favourites to win the tournament. Check out the Europa League betting odds on our sportsbook to find the latest favourites to win the tournament.

When should I place Europa League bets?

If you're looking for big odds, you can place bets on the Europa League winners at the start of the season, as historically, one of the teams that starts the season in the Europa League, wins it. However, be aware that Champions League teams often drop down into the latter stages of the competition. Meaning that instead of facing the likes of Rennes and Union Berlin, your favourites could be facing Inter Milan and Atletico Madrid.

Can I bet on Europa League group games?

Yes. UEFA Europa League odds are accessible year-round, with popular betting markets being updated frequently. This means you can bet in-play, outright and more at Bet UK as each option becomes available.

Can I use free bets on the Europa League?

Yes. If you've claimed free bets at Bet UK, you'll be able to utilise these bets on the Europa League. Check out our latest free bet offer and see what we're offering today.

How is the Europa League formatted?

The Europa League starts in the qualifying rounds, where the 13 teams who were eliminated from the Champions League second qualifying round, join 3 domestic cup winners from associations 14-16 and face off to secure a second chance at European football. The winners are joined by the six domestic cup winners from associations ranked 8th-13th, with each winner advancing to the group stages of the Europa League.

The Europa League group stages are then formed with ten play-off winners, the seven domestic cup winners from associations 1-7, the fourth-placed team in association five and the four teams that finished fifth in associations 1-4. These teams are split into eight groups of four teams after being seeded into four groups depending on their previous European performances. The winners and runner-ups of the eight groups will advance to the knockout rounds of the tournament while the teams that finish in third will drop down to the Europa Conference League.

The final stage is the knockout stage. The first round sees the runner-ups of each group take on the eight teams that have dropped down from the Champions League. The winners will be added to a pot with the eight group winners. Over the knockout rounds, teams will face off twice, with the winner advancing, creating thrilling competition. 

What is the UEFA Europa League?

One of Europe’s most elite competitions returns this season, bringing together the top teams from across the continent. Qualification for the Europa League can be achieved through more than one route. Teams can qualify for the tournament based on their final position in the league or by winning a domestic cup competition. Those that fail to qualify for the Champions League knockout stages will also be added to the Europa League knockout stages.

When does the UEFA Europa League begin?

The Europa League started on the August 10th at the beginning of the season. 

Ahead of the competition starting, you can find the latest Europa League odds for each of the teams participating.

Where is the 2023/24 UEFA Europa League Final hosted?

For the upcoming season, the Europa League Final is set to take place in Dublin at the Aviva Stadium

Who won the 2023/24 UEFA Europa League Final? 

Sevilla FC was crowned winners of the 2023/24 Europa League for a second time after beating Roma FC 4-1 on penalties, having failed to win the game in the initial 90 minutes and extra time.

Once the next final comes around, you can find Europa League betting odds for outright and live markets, allowing you to follow the decisive action live.

What is the difference between the Europa League and the Europa League Conference?

The Europa League and the Europa League Conference are two separate competitions. The Europa League Conference opens the door for more teams across Europe to compete against each other and is ranked below the Champions League and Europa League competitions. The Europa League is ranked as the second-highest competition in European football, falling just behind the Champions League.

How to win with Europa League betting?

No strategy can guarantee a particular outcome and, therefore, a win with betting. However, sports bettors often apply general Europa League betting tips to make more informed betting decisions and discover the best odds.

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