Europa Conference League Betting

Europa Conference League Betting Odds

The Europa Conference League is back underway this season, as Europe’s top teams clash to challenge for the title.

Last season, West Ham secured the title after beating Fiorentina 1-0 in the final, which was hosted at the Fortuna Arena in Prague.

From the first kick to the last, Bet UK provides all the latest Europa Conference League betting odds as you follow every second of the action. Explore the latest odds right here on Bet UK.

Europa Conference League betting tips

Taking the time to research each of the teams participating in the Europa Conference League can help you to find the best odds when searching the Bet UK markets.

Europa Conference League matches are typically played during the week after domestic league games have taken place. With the number of matches building up, the level of intensity can affect the performance of players and teams, so keeping a close eye on their fixture list could help you to understand how they might perform mid-week. As the intensity increases, injuries to key players can also start to creep in which could have an impact on the outcome of that team’s performance in the Europa Conference League when competing against some of Europe's finest.

As this is a European competition, home and away form can influence the teams playing. Following a team’s home and away form can help you find the best odds when looking at in-play betting markets, especially when it comes around to the knockout stages.

Be sure to keep an eye on the latest Europa Conference League odds via the Bet UK market, as the odds are likely to change as teams and players find their form throughout the season.

Betting on the Europa Conference League Final

You can bet on the Europa Conference League Final with options to bet in-play and outright. With in-play, you can bet ahead of the Final or live as you follow every second of the action.

Bet UK has many markets, including Europa Conference League Winner odds. Keep an eye out for the latest odds online via Bet UK.

The best Europa Conference League markets

When it comes to betting on the Europa Conference League markets, you can bet both in-play and outright. In-play markets provide you with the choice to bet ahead of the game or live as the action unfolds:

Correct score - Predicting the correct score of the match after the final whistle

Match result - Bet on which team will win the match or choose a draw

Half-time score - Select the correct score by half-time

Next goalscorer - Bet live on who the next goalscorer will be

Player specials - Wager individual bets on players such as; total goals to be scored and cards to be awarded

With Bet UK, you can also bet outright on the Europa Conference League with odds available on:

Europa Conference League Winner - Bet outright on the team that will win the Europa Conference League

Top scorer - Predict who will score the most goals throughout the tournament

Europa Conference League FAQs

What is the Europa Conference League?

The Europa Conference League is Europe’s third most prestigious competition behind the Champions League and the Europa League. For teams to compete in the Europa Conference League, they will need to finish high enough in their domestic league or by winning a domestic cup.

In this tournament, there are 32 teams across the group stage, which will then be followed by four knockout stages, including; the round of 16, the quarter-finals, the semi-finals, and the penultimate final in Prague. Excluding the final, each of the knockout stages is two-legged, and you can bet on every match of the tournament, including Europa Conference League winner odds.

With all the Europa Conference League odds available on Bet UK, you can bet on all the matches as the tournament progresses.

When does the Europa Conference League begin?

The upcoming Europa Conference League will run from the 13th July 2023 until the 29th May 2024 when the final is set to take place.

Where will the Europa Conference League Final be played?

In 2024, the Europa Conference League final is set to take place at the Opap Arena.

Who won the previous Europa Conference League Final?

For the 2022/23 tournament, West Ham were crowned the champions after beating Fiorentina in Prague.

What is the difference between the Europa Conference League and the Europa League?

The Europa Conference League is ranked as the lowest European tournament, falling behind the Champions League and the Europa League. Teams finishing in the top positions of their domestic league will qualify for the Champions League, with the following league positions being allocated to the Europa League and the Europa Conference League. Qualification can also be achieved through winning the domestic cups. For example, the winner of the FA Cup would qualify for the Europa League, whilst the winner of the EFL Cup) would gain access to the Europa Conference League. Opening up more places in European football, the Europa Conference League paves the way for more teams to have a chance at experiencing European football, with at least 30 countries taking part in the competition.

With Bet UK, you can find all the odds for the Europa Conference League across outright and in-play markets.

How does the Europa Conference League work?

In total, the Europa Conference League includes 32 teams that will initially compete in groups of 4. The group winners will be automatically placed in the round of 16, with the group runners-up going into a placement match against third-placed teams from the Europa League. From here, each team will compete in two-legged knockout rounds until reaching the Final.

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