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When looking to bet on eSports, there aren't many games more popular than Valorant. Created by Riot Games, this popular game is a first person shooter (FPS) where teamwork and tactics are vital to a teams success. When betting on Valorant, it may be worth considering beyond the skill of a team and looking at how well they work as a collective unit as on the competitive Valorant scene, the smallest of margins can dictate who wins and loses a game.

Valorant is one of the games that has seen a major increase in players with the popularity of eSports rising, the game has a similar feel to that of Counter Strike meaning that players from one game can transition into the other without too much difficulty. If you're looking at games similar to Valorant to bet on, betting on CS, could be the way to go.

How is Valorant played?

Valorant gameplay is both simplistic but incredibly in-depth at the same time. Two teams of five face off and each team consists of five different agents (out of the 19 agents available), no two players on the same team can play as the same agent and each character has their own set of abilities, meaning there is a character for every playstyle. Whether you're a careful and calculated player or a gung-ho, all guns blazing player, there is a character that matches that description and it makes for very interesting gameplay at a competitive level.

During a round, the goal of the attacking team is to plant a device called the spike on several sites across the map, similar to Search and Destroy for fans of Call of Duty. Defenders have to defuse the device once activated or better yet, avoid the device being planted for the duration of the time limit.

The main difference between Valorant and other games is that at the start of a round, players can use credits to purchase themselves an advantage. These include every health, armour, better weapons or improved agent abilities - all of which come in, incredibly handy when in a 1vs1 situation.

Valorant betting odds will alter depending on the game modes available, for example, some teams will be significantly better in the Spike Rush in comparison to the standard deathmatch, when placing Valorant bets, take the game mode into consideration.

Another thing to take into consideration is particular maps, if you follow eSports teams closely, you'll know their favourite maps. For example, if a team tends to dominate on Pearl but freeze in the Icebox, you may find some Valorant betting sites still favour the "stronger" team even on maps they struggle most on, potentially leading to better, more competitive odds.

How does competitive Valorant work for betting?

Valorant betting isn't too dissimilar to league of legends betting, the main circuit is the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT), this is a competitive series of tournaments that pit the very best teams from around the world against each other. From a standard local tournament to international events and a global final, you'll be able to find Valorant betting markets for a wide range of events at BetUK.

During the VCT, you'll be able to find betting odds for a number of local tournaments on the top Valorant betting sites, it is here that players will be able to get to grips with how strong a team is before they make the global finals. If a team is particularly strong in their local game, then you'll have a better idea of how they'll manage during Valorant matches in the competitive finals.

Best tournaments for Valorant betting

The best tournaments can often be found when looking for Valorant betting tips, you won't find these for local tournaments in the middle of Europe but you'll likely be able to find tips for global tournaments. Betting on the Valorant Champions Tour is the best way to bet on the game but there are also two Masters events and a Global Championship where the best teams will come together and battle, Valorant betting enthusiasts will already be aware of these events but for those looking to get started, these are the events where you'll find the most competitive Valorant odds. There are hundreds of events around the world and if you're familiar with the game, you'll recognise a lot of the games, whether you're betting on the Electronic Sports League (ESL) in Germany, the Liga de Videojuegos Professional (LVP) in the Spanish-speaking economies or even the Valorant Challengers League (VCL) in Korea - at BetUK, you'll be able to find the best eSports betting markets for all of these tournaments.

Valorant Betting FAQs

Can you bet on VCT?

Yes! You'll be able to bet on a massive range of tournaments and matches during the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT), whether you're looking to bet on an outright winner of the tournament or a single round of gameplay, you'll be able to do so at BetUK.

How to bet on Valorant?

Betting on Valorant couldn't be easier if you have a BetUK account, once you've created an account and deposited (don't forget to take a look at our free bet offer for new customers), you can head to our sportsbook and check out the latest Valorant odds by typing in 'Valorant' into the search bar. This would bring up every Valorant event we have betting markets for. Once you've find the competitive odds available on-site, click the outright tab to find tournament winner markets or click on the individual match you would like to bet on. Once you've selected the Valorant bets you wish to add to your betslip on, click the odds available to add it to your betslip.

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