NFL Draft Odds : 2024 Draft Betting Markets

After the NFL season ends, all NFL betting markets point to the draft - an annual event where the very best names in College American Football find out their fates and whether or not they have made it through to the big leagues. A truly nerve-wrecking time for players but a fantastic spectacle for those that follow the sport and those that wish to go one further and place a bet on the NFL Draft.

The odds for the event are created using NFL computer predictions where statistics are crushed and we see who each team are most likely to add to their roster. For example, in 2024, as Justin Fields was traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Chicago Bears are sat without a starting quarterback, their back-up QB Tyson Bagent is a young name with a lot of potential but Caleb Williams looks certain to join the Bears as they look to bulk-up that side of their roster. NFL Computer picks him as the number one draft pick and the NFL odds back that up, will it prove to be correct? At 1/100, we definitely wouldn't back against it.

NFL Draft Betting: Team Specials

Sometimes, the first pick of the NFL Draft betting market can be a bit of a bust when there is an overwhelming favourite. That is why NFL betting has so many avenues, so punters can make their NFL predictions in various different ways. With BetUK, you can place bets on every single teams first pick based on their position! Look at each team in the National Football League, find a position where they need to improve and you'll likely find that position sits at the top of the betting market! For example, with the Kansas City Chiefs, it's likely that they'll look to add to their roster of wide receivers and the NFL betting odds back that up with their opening pick - wide receiver market sitting at evens.

Alongside this, you can place your bets on all NFL games from the NFL playoffs and the NFL regular season by checking out the betting markets at BetUK.

NFL Draft FAQs

The NFL schedule has the draft in April every year. In 2024, the official date of the NFL draft in April 25th to April 27th 2024. You can find updated online sports betting odds during the event.

The first pick of the 2024 NFL draft goes to the Chicago Bears, who traded with the Carolina Panthers in a deal that included draft picks for 2023, 2025 and D.J Moore.

This is the order for the 2024 NFL Draft in April.

  • 1 - Chicago Bears
  • 2 - Washington Commanders
  • 3 - New England Patriots
  • 4 - Arizona Cardinals
  • 5 - Los Angeles Chargers
  • 6 - New York Giants
  • 7 - Tennessee Titans
  • 8 - Atlanta Falcons
  • 9 - Chicago Bears
  • 10 - New York Jets
  • 11 - Minnesota Vikings
  • 12 - Denver Broncos
  • 13 - Las Vegas Raiders
  • 14 - New Orleans Saints
  • 15 - Indianapolis Colts
  • 16 - Seattle Seahawks
  • 17 - Jacksonville Jaguars
  • 18 - Cincinnati Bengals
  • 19 - Los Angeles Rams
  • 20 - Pittsburgh Steelers
  • 21 - Miami Dolphins
  • 22 - Philadelphia Eagles
  • 23 - Minnesota Vikings
  • 24 - Dallas Cowboys
  • 25 - Green Bay Packers
  • 26 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • 27 - Arizona Cardinals
  • 28 - Buffalo Bills
  • 29 - Detroit Lions
  • 30 - Baltimore Ravens
  • 31 - San Francisco 49ers
  • 32 - Kansas City Chiefs

With draft pick 256 and 257, the New York Jets with have the final two picks of the NFL Draft.

Detroit was chosen as the host city for the 2024 NFL draft over Green Bay and Washington D.C in 2022. The official venue is the Campus Martius Park in Hart Plaza.

Yes! Teams trading draft picks is very popular in the NFL, for some teams, their free NFL picks aren't fantastic if they have performed well during the season, so they will offer something to one of the lower teams in return for a draft pick. These bargaining chips can come in very handy and offer good insight on what a particular team are looking to add to their roster, with this in mind, you can make your NFL predictions today with our live betting odds.

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