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World Cup 2022 Groups

The FIFA World Cup is split into eight groups with 32 teams divided into groups of four. To begin with, all teams are seeded into four groups for the draw based on their previous performances in tournaments. Below you can find betting odds for each group of the 2022 World Cup alongside our prediction for how they will fare in the competition.

World Cup Group Hubs

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Group E Group F Group G Group H

World Cup 2022: Group A

Netherlands Senegal World Cup Betting
Ecuador Qatar Group A Betting Tips


Netherlands should win the group comfortably as they're a class above the other teams in the group, there is a small chance that Qatar and Ecuador can cause some upset victories but it looks almost certain that both Netherlands and Senegal will progress to the next round.

In the Group A hub, you can find our in-depth analysis for the group. By clicking on the teams hub, you'll be able to find our in-depth analysis of how we expect each individual team's World Cup to go. Finally, you can find our full tournament predictions for the 2022 World Cup by clicking the predictions tab.

World Cup 2022: Group B

England Iran World Cup Betting
United States Wales Group B Betting Tips


Similarly to group A, the winner of group B should be a foregone conclusion. On paper, Wales, the United States and Iran aren't at the level of England and the home nation should win the group comfortably. Wales, on the other hand, arguably had tougher fixtures getting to the World Cup than in the group stage with Ukraine being a better side than USA and Iran. So, Wales should finish second but USA also have a good chance of causing an upset if they're at their best.

World Cup 2022 Group C

Argentina Mexico World Cup Betting
Poland Saudi Arabia Group C Betting Tips


Argentina come into the competition with high expectations due to their long unbeaten streak. Their group opponents will have only boosted that confidence as they have a fantastic record against Mexico. Poland aren't the team that they once were and with the aging Robert Lewandowski, they won't cause the favourites any major problems. Saudi Arabia may perform better than expected but we still can't see them picking up any points this campaign as they're simply a level below the rest of the group. Mexico should extend their run of making the knockout rounds leaving Poland with a 3rd place finish.

World Cup 2022 Group D

France Denmark World Cup Betting
Australia Tunisia Group D Betting Tips


Neither Tunisia or Australia will be able to compete with France or Denmark in the group stage. However, the biggest question is whether or not France and Denmark will look to beat the other in the second game. The winner of group D will likely face Argentina while the loser will likely face Mexico. However, it could be an excellent opportunity to rest players in-between games and France have done that in previous tournaments. So we think Denmark will win the group, France will come second.

World Cup 2022 Group E

Germany Spain World Cup Betting
Japan Costa Rica Group E Betting Tips


Germany and Spain are two teams who could perform exceptionally well at the World Cup. However, it is very much going to depend on which route they end up going down. As they'll be placed in separate areas of the draw after progressing through group E as Costa Rica and Japan will cause them little-to-no problems. The only question yet to be asked is whether the Spanish will finish top of the group or whether the Germans will and we think their game will be a draw, meaning the high scoring team willl likely win the group and that will be Germany.

World Cup 2022 Group F

Belgium Croatia World Cup Betting
Canada Morocco Group F Betting Tips


Belgium are a very strong team but it has to be said that group F, on paper, looks like one of the weaker groups at the 2022 World Cup, which is baffling because it has the 2nd and 3rd placed teams from the 2018 competition. However, group F is the only group where in our predictions, we believe that both qualified teams will be eliminated in the first knockout round as they will face either Germany or Spain in the next round depending on their performances. Belgium could cause a few upsets but after a number of high-profile players have dropped in quality, they're outsiders at best.

World Cup 2022 Group G

Brazil Cameroon World Cup Betting
Serbia Switzerland Group G Betting Tips


Group G is arguably the toughest group to call on paper, we know that Brazil will likely progress but the battle for second spot is one of the most exciting in the group stages. Switzerland, Serbia and Cameroon are all quality teams where the smallest detail could be the difference between progression and failure. We think there will be a lot of draws in this group and the climate in Qatar could well play a part, giving Cameroon the smallest advantage.

World Cup 2022 Group H


Portugal Uruguay World Cup Betting
Ghana South Korea Group H Betting Tips