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Copa America Betting

After Argentina's 2021 Copa America heroics gave Lionel Messi his first international tournament win, the next version of the Copa America is in 2024. Set to be hosted in Ecuador due to the CONMEBOL host rotation policy which means that all nations get to host the tournament over the course of a set period of years. This will also be the 102nd year that the tournament has been running, meaning it is the first year that the tournament has played beyond the 100-year celebration. The tournament runs alongside Europe's European Championships meaning that the Copa America provides some brilliant opportunities to combine markets with European Championships betting.

Copa America Betting Odds


The favourites for every Copa America are either going to be Brazil or Argentina. In the modern-day, the youth projects in both countries far exceed those in other countries, hundreds of millions of people play the sport and it helps provide a culture that builds football in the country. For the 2024 tournament, Brazil are the online betting favourites despite losing out to Argentina in the final last time out. This is due to the fantastic young squad that they already have, their best players will still be playing in 2024 while for Argentina, their older players will have retired and we'll have to judge how their new generation of talent performs on the biggest stage.


Outside of Brazil and Argentina, there are two nations that have performed admirably are Uruguay and Chile. Uruguay have historically been the best team in South America over a number of years. However, in recent years, Chile have proven to be difficult opposition for many teams, they even won the tournament in 2015 and 2016 when there were back-to-back renditions of the tournament.


Across the history of the tournament, the Copa America has contained a number of teams from around the world. The format of inviting nations began in 1993 as Mexico and United States were invited. Mexico are the most successful invitees as they have finished as runner-ups on two separate occasions. However, either nation have appeared at the tournament since 2016. Other nations that have also been invited are Costa Rica, Jamaica, Japan, Haiti, Honduras, Panama and most recently Qatar. The football betting odds for these teams won't be announced until after all teams have been confirmed.

Copa America History

Group A: Northern Section

Nation Best CA finish Last CA Finish FIFA Ranking
Argentina Winners (15 times) Winner 3rd
Bolivia Winners (1963) 5th Group A 81st
Chile Winners (2015, 2016) Quarter-Final 29th
Paraguay Winners (1953, 1979) Quarter-Final 50th
Uruguay Winners (15 times) Quarter-Final 13th

The Copa America is split into two sections, the North section which is group A and the South section that is group B. Group A hosts the largest number of winners. It is also the only group where every nation has won the trophy at least once. Even Bolivia after their shocking win back in 1963, this tournament saw them score late against Argentina and Brazil to win the single group stage.

Group B: Southern Section

Nation Best CA finish Last CA Finish FIFA Ranking Prediction
Brazil Winners (9 Times) Runner-Up 3rd 1st
Colombia Winners (2001) Semi Final 15th 4th
Ecuador Fourth Place (1993) Quarter-Final 53rd 2rd
Peru Winners (1939 & 1975) Semi Final 27th 3rd
Venezuela Fourth Place (2011) 5th in Group B 30th 5th

The two teams that have never won the Copa America out of the South American teams both feature in Group B, dominated by Brazil, this group represents the best of Southern South America. Brazil is the nation that has won the Copa America the most with Colombia and Peru have won the tournament as well. Peru are a surprise package for the Copa America as they always perform well despite never being amongst the favourites for the tournament.

Copa America FAQs

Q. How often is the Copa America?

A. The Copa America is typically held every four years after being a mainstay of South American football, there have been 47 renditions of the tournament so far. However, the frequency of the tournament often varies. It is confirmed that after the 2021 tournament we will have tournaments in 2024 and 2028.

Q. What channel can I watch the Copa America?

A. In the United Kingdom, you can watch the Copa America on BBC channels. Alternatively, if you're living in the US, it is available on Fox Sports until 2027 and Bein and DAZN in Europe. Q. When is the next Copa America final?

A. The exact date for the Copa America 2024 final is subject to change but it is currently set to occur on Friday 12th July, alongside the European Championships.

Q. Has Lionel Messi won the Copa America?

A. Finally! Yes, Lionel Messi has finally won his first international honour as Argentina won the 2021 Copa America beating Brazil in the final. Messi was also awarded the best player award as he finished as the top goalscorer for the competition alongside Columbian international - Luis Diaz.

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