Worms Reloaded uk slot

Worms Reloaded

About Worms Reloaded Slot

Take cover, we're going into the battleground in Blueprint Gaming's Worms Reloaded! This online casino game is played on a 5x3 reel slot and 20 paylines. There's an abundance of Bonus Rounds to play with here, a common feature in Blueprint games such as Top Cat slot and Genie Jackpots Cave of Wonders. There's also a Jackpot King progressive jackpot available, and lucky Bet UK players can take a chance at winning it on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

How to Play Worms Reloaded Slot

Paytable Click on the paytable button to have a look at how much each symbol in the game is worth.

Total Bet The Total Bet window shows you how much you'll be placing on the next spin. To change your bet, just click on the window and all the available bet options will be shown.

Total Win Every time you win, the amount you've won across all paylines will be added together and shown in the Total Win window.

Autoplay Pressing the Autoplay button lets you make the game take control and play by itself for up to 100 rounds. To stop Autoplay, just press the button again and you'll be able to spin for yourself.

Spin When you've decided on your bet, press the Spin button and the next round will begin.

Worms Reloaded Slot Special Features


The Wilds in Worms Reloaded will substitute for all symbols, except the Scatter and Bonus symbols, to help complete win lines. The Wilds will substitute for the highest paying combination on each payline. There are 3 Bonus Wilds that can be triggered when the Worms Grenade explodes.

Worms Grenade

At any point during a spin, there is a chance that the Worms Grenade will explode, triggering one of 3 Bonus Wild Features.

Banana Bomb Wilds

When the reels start to spin, a banana bomb will explode, scattering Banana Bomb Wild symbols all over the reels. There is a chance that the reels will respin and keep all of the Wilds, just look out for one of the Worms firing a bazooka.

Holy Hand Grenade

As the reels are spinning, the Holy Hand Grenada will explode and cover the reels with extra Bonus symbols, increasing your chances of triggering a Bonus Round.

Teleport Mayhem

The reels will stop if Teleport Mayhem is triggered. A worm will press a button on their teleporter, reshuffling all of the symbols into a winning order. The worm will keep pressing the button, and creating more wins, until it backfires and blows up.

Concrete Donkey

A worm will press a button when the reels start to spin and a Concrete Donkey will fall from the sky, dragging down Wild reels as it falls.

Bonus Rounds

A Bonus symbol landing on reels 1, 3 and 5 will trigger one of the games bonuses. The Bonus you get will depend on which symbol lands on the 5th reel.

Battleground Bonus: If you win the Battleground Bonus, you'll be transported to the Battleground, where you will see mines scattered across your screen. Pick a mine to reveal a multiplier, a Collect sign or another bonus round's symbol. Keep on choosing mines until you are taken to a new Bonus Round, or until you find the Collect sign, which will end the Bonus and award your winnings.

Jetpack Bonus: The Jetpack Bonus takes place in space and is split into 2 sections: a multiplier trail and a Big Money Bonus. You will start on the multiplier trail, where you will have to choose UFO's. Each UFO can advance you up the multiplier trail, send you straight to the Big Money Bonus or make you collect your winnings. As you advance along the trail, your multiplier will increase until you reach the Big Money Bonus. In the Big Money Bonus, choose which planet you would like to explode and watch as your final multiplier is revealed.

Blitz Blast Free Spins: During the Blitz Blast Free Spins, you'll see a worm tied up to a missile, ready to blast off. Another worm will then come and light the fuse of the missile, which will start the Free Spins. You have an unlimited amount of Free Spins, which will continue until the fuse is completely lit and the missle flies off. Each time any worm symbol lands on the 5th reel, part of the fuse will burn away, but your multiplier will also increase. Keep on spinning until the missile is finally shot off and you are awarded your prize.

Super Sheep Free Spins: The Super Sheep Free Spins are all played inside of a castle. The Spins will each be played on a larger 5x4 reel, with 6 spins initially being awarded. Each spin has a chance of up to 3 Super Sheep flying onto the screen and spreading Super Sheep Wilds across the reels. But there is also a chance that the Worm on the side of the reel will shoot down any of the Wilds that are added. When your first 6 spins are over, you'll be shown 3 Grenades. Pick one to reveal either a Super Sheep or a Collect sign. A Super Sheep will trigger another 6 Spins, but the Collect sign will award your prize and end the Bonus.

Jackpot King Promotional Pot System

Find a Jackpot King symbol on each reel and you'll be taken to a brand new Jackpot King Bonus screen. Spin the Golden Reels on the search for Golden Crowns to work your way up the Cash Trail. At the end of your first spins, you'll have to choose a hidden symbol. This will reveal a Spin, Collect or Wheel King. Revealing a Spin will give you another chance at spinnning the reels, Collect will make you take your winnings and end the bonus and Wheel King will take you straight to the Wheel King Bonus. Find 15 Golden Crowns as you spin to reach the top of the Cash Trail and have a go on the Wheel King Bonus. Spin the Wheel and you could win up to 1000x your initial bet, or even win the whole of the Jackpot King Progressive Pot!

A staggering 0.13% of each stake will be placed into the Reserve pot. Once the overflowing Jackpot King has been won, the jackpot will restart using the reverse pot. The jackpot is originally funded by a seed, therefore the jackpot is funded by the initial seed as well as an extra 0.86% of each stake, with an additional 0.13% being put into the Reserve pot.

Bet UK Review

Blueprint Gaming have produced many games for our online casino here at Bet UK, and while they're outstanding, few can match the engaging and intriguing features on offer in Worms Reloaded slot. These little guys from the popular series of video games wreak their chaos across the reels, and lucky Bet UK players can take advantage with increasingly bizarre weaponry. For something a little bit different, why not peruse our online betting markets?