If you're a fan of classic TV shows, then the Thundercats online slot should be right up your street! The reels can go up to 8 symbols high to trigger one of 5 Free Spins Bonus Rounds.

Base Game

Thundercats is a 5x4 reel slot that is played with 30 paylines.



The Menu button allows you to view the games paytable, as well as altering settings such as volume.

Bet Amount

Press the Bet Amount to change how much will be staked on the next spin.


Press Spin to place your bet and start the next round.


Press Autoplay to make the game automatically spin for up to 100 rounds.


The Balance window shows you a live counter of how much is remaining in your account.


After each winning spin, the amount you have won will be shown in the Win window.

Thunder Bonus

Find 3 or more Thunder Cats Bonus symbols anywhere on the reels to trigger the Thunder Bonus. When the Bonus begins, you will be shown the Thunder Wheel. The Thunder Wheel will spins and award you on of the following bonus features.

Ultimate Thunder Spins

The Ultimate Thunder Spins will award you with 5 Win Spins, guaranteeing a win on each spin. The Ultimate Thunder Spins will also place stacked wilds on reels 1, 3 and 5. Throughout all of your spins, all 8 rows are active.

Mumm-Ra Free Spins

The Mumm-Ra Bonus awards 10 Free Spins. Throughout your Free Spins, each Wild that lands on the reels will be collected and stored in the Mumm-Ra Bank. After all spins are played, the Ever Living Spin will begin, using all 8 rows. All of the Wilds accumulated during the Free Spins will then be added onto the reels.

Slithe Free Spins

The Slithe Free Spins Bonus award 10 Free Spins. Any Wilds that land on the reels during the Slithe Free Spins are sticky, meaning they will remain in position until the bonus is over. 5 additional Free Spins can be awarded by filling an entire reel with Wilds.

Monkian Free Spins

The Monkian Free Spins awards 10 Free Spins. As you play your Free Spins, Monkian Zones will fall from the top of the screen. If a Monkian Zone lands on the reels then the area that is covered will turn into a Wild. Find the Thundercats Bonus symbol on the 5th reel to trigger another 5 Free Spins.

Jackalman Free Spins

The Jackalman Bonus consists of 10 Free Spins. Each time a Wild symbol lands on the reels, the multiplier for all wins will increase by 1x, up to a max of 10x. Find the Thundercats symbol on the final reel to trigger 5 more Free Spins.

Character Bonuses

Before you play your first spin, you will be given a Character, that can award a specific bonus. If the Special Symbol lands on the final reel during a spin, you will be awarded a new character.


If Lion-O's sword lands in the middle reel then the Lion-O Sword of Omens feature will begin. The symbol will expand and place Wilds randomly onto the reels.


Each time a Tygra Wild lands on the reels, it will first pay out the win and then transfrom into a random stacked symbol.


If the special Cheetara symbol lands on the first reel then a mystery streak will begin. Random symbols will fall onto the reels and remain sticky. This will continue until no more new symbols land on the reels. All symbols will then turn into one matching symbol.


The Panthro reels can randomly activate at any point, causing a number of reels to be filled with matching stacked symbols. Reels can also be expanded during the bonus.

Wily Cat

2 Stacked Wilds can appear at any point during a spin, triggering a 2x win.