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Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live STATS

  • Provider - Pragmatic Play
  • Theme - Candy
  • Bonus - Sweet Spins, Candy Drop
  • Max Win - 500,000
  • Min Bet - 0.2
  • Max Bet - 3,000

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live Top Features

Enter Pragmatic Play’s confectionary in Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live.

We aren't going to serve you an exhaustive list of ins and outs. We’re just going to provide you with all the tasty bits you need to get started on what you came here to do - play.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live Bonus Features

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live is a wheel-based game. As such, all the prizes and bonus features are stashed within one of the many wheel sections. This includes the two bonus rounds in the game, namely, Sweet Spins and Candy Drop. Sweet Spins is actually a game within a game. It’s a 6x5 slot with a host of colourful candies on the reels. The requirements for a win might seem a little steep at first glance (you need eight symbols) but, as Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live doesn’t use paylines, it doesn’t matter where on the board they happen to land.

This sugary treat also introduces two special symbols. These are the Sugar Bomb and the Lollypop. In the latter case, you’ll be given five free spins for finding three of these swirly suckers on the board, while the Sugar Bomb introduces a random multiplier.

Candy Drop is a much more straightforward affair. Pick a sweet from the three offered and the host will begin a pachinko-style minigame. You’ll receive multipliers based on where the ball ends up after being dropped into the machine.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live Unique Elements

Aside from the bonus features, Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live features a cast of presenters in fanciful dresses. Think pastels, frilly dresses and pink bowties. The set is equally pretty, with rolling hills of marshmallows and boiled sweets. Get to the Sweet Spins bonus round, and the scene shifts to a nighttime vision of Candyland.

Of course, one of the major benefits of live casino games is that you can see the game events unfold in real-time, right in front of you. The action in Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live’s main game is directed entirely by human dealers.

What type of Game is Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live?

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live is a live, Wheel of Fortune-style experience broadcast from Pragmatic Play’s own TV studio.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live's Above Average Max Win

The highest non-jackpot win possible in Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live can be achieved using the random multipliers given during the Candy Drop minigame. This can be between 2x to 100x your stake. Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live has a maximum win value of 500,000 tokens or 20,000x your initial bet.

Five Things You Need to Know about Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live

As we mentioned earlier, we wanted to give you enough information to get going in Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live without overwhelming you with sugar puns. However, here are a few extra snippets about the game you might find interesting:

How do I set my stake?

Your current bet value is displayed in the bottom right of the game screen, opposite your balance in the bottom left. You'll be able to place your bets at the beginning of each round by clicking on the chips displayed below the wheel.

Where can I find information in-game?

In the top-right corner of the game interface, you'll find a help guide. Click on the '?'. You'll also find other settings up here, such as the audio controls.

Is this game a sequel?

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live is related to the Pragmatic Play slot of (almost) the same name - Sweet Bonanza. This closely resembles the 6x5 grid in the Sweet Spins bonus round.

When was the slot released?

This live game show hit the market in November 2021.

How do you activate the bonus game?

You'll be able to play the two bonus games when the wheel flapper points to the Candy Drop or Sweet Spins segments. There are six of these on the wheel (three each). Note that the bonus rounds are not considered live experiences. They use standard casino RNG.

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