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Super Sic Bo

Super Sic Bo

About Super Sic Bo

Super Sic Bo is a live casino game produced by Evolution Gaming. The aim of the game is to predict the outcome of the value of three dice after they are rolled, with 3 as the minimum and 18 as the maximum. The game is streamed to your chosen device via a HD video link, where you will kind the presenter and the special shaker on the table, with the three dice inside.

This is a game that is extremely popular in Asia, and is now making its mark across the rest of the world too. As well as predicting where the dice will land, there is also the possibility of an excellent multiplier amount being added at random, which could be up to the maximum amount of 1000x your stake.

Evolution Super Sic Bo is available to play here at Bet UK on mobile, desktop and tablet devices.

How to Play Super Bic Bo

Bet types

Bet Description
Small/Big Betting on the total of the three dice being Small (4-10) or Big (11-17). Any Triple would trump this bet.
Odd/Even Betting on the total value of the three dice being Odd or Even. Any Triple would trump this bet.
Total Betting on one of the 14 betting areas labelled 4-17. This will be the total of the three dice combined and will exclude 3 and 18. A win will occur if the total of the three dice adds up to the Total number that you bet on.
Single Betting on any of the six betting areas, which are labelled from one to six. These represent the six face values of the dice. You land a win if one of three dice, two of three dice or all three dice land on the number you bet on. The more dice that land on your number, the higher the payout can be.
Double Betting on any of the six betting areas that are labelled as a double. To land a win, two of three dice must land on the same number.
Triple Betting on any of the six Triple-labelled betting areas. To win, all three dice must land on the number you have selected.
Any Triple Betting on this box will cover all six different Triple bets at once. To land a win, all three dice must land on the same number.
Combination Betting on any or all 15 possible two-dice combinations.

Payout Odds

Bet Pays
Small/Big 1:1
Odd/Even 1:1
4 or 17 50-499:1
5 or 16 20-249:1
6 or 15 15-87:1
7 or 14 12-29:1
8 or 13 8-24:1
9 or 12 6-49:1
10 or 11 6-24:1
Single 1:1
Single: Double 2-19:1
Single: Triple 3-87:1
Double 8-87:1
Triple (specific) 150-999:1
Any Triple 30-87:1
Combination 5-24:1

Super Bic Bo Features

Random Multipliers

Super Sic Bo is super for a reason, this being the random multiplier amount that can be added to any bet section after betting has come to an end for that round. This multiplier can be as high as a gargantuan 1000x your stake.

Bet UK Super Sic Bo Review

Bet UK online casino are proud to present the unique style of Super Sic Bo from Evolution Gaming, a stellar live casino offering that truly lives up to the hype. The sights and sounds of the game provide an excellent overall experience, with the Chinese themed background harking back to the popularity of the game in Asia. Bet UK players could enjoy the benefits of the random multiplier amount too, which could lead to a win of up to 1000x your stake. After another top live casino experience? You could also try Live Lightning Roulette, which can offer a multiplier of up to 500x.