Sumo Spins

There’s a handful of budding bonuses for you to take advantage of in the Sumo Spins slot! Everything from respins to nudges to Free Spins is available in the Sumo Spins slot, so will you take on the powerful Rikishi and reap the rewards?




Min Bet


Max Bet

Bonus: Blue Rikishi, Red Rikishi, Green rikishi



To view information such as the winning lines, symbol values and bonus rounds in the Sumo Spins slot, select the paytable.

Bet/Stake per Line

Select the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons to increase or decrease the total stake per line in the Sumo Spins slot.


Select the autoplay feature in the Sumo Spins slot to play a predetermined number of spins at a set bet amount.


Select the ‘Spin’ button to set the reels into motion!


Red Rikishi - Reel Nudges

When the Red Rikishi lands on the reels he will stomp his foot to nudge the reels for guaranteed wins in the Sumo Spins slot!

Blue Rikishi - Power Rolls

When Blue Rikishi lands on the reels he will Power Roll across the slot reels, leaving one symbol type behind his path. The Blue Rikishi may roll several times, leading to huge wins!

Green Rikishi - Respins

When Green Rikishi hits the reels he will trigger either one or multiple respins; increasing the chances of huge wins in the Sumo Spins slot.

Sumo Showdown - Free Spins

When two or more Rikishi’s appear on the reels in the Sumo Spins slot you will trigger a Sumo Showdown! A number of free games will be randomly determined beforehand. You will pick one Rikishi team and with each spin the two teams will fight. If your Rikishi(s) wins the fight he will turn into a Wild symbol on the reels! When you land three Rikishi’s the Red and Blue Rikishi will become one team and fight the Green Rikishi.