Realistic Roulette

Realistic Roulette is an interesting variation on one of the world’s most popular online casino games, roulette. This game has been developed by Realistic Games, who have made sure to use the latest and most innovative technology. This includes exceptional 3D graphics, authentic sound effects and the choice of camera angle.




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Introduction to Realistic Roulette

Realistic Roulette is not just the name of the game, it really does sum up everything you need to know about the game itself. The realism is one of the biggest attractions for this title, which is played in an all-seeing 3D environment. The attention to detail that the game creators have put in is massively evident, with even the sound of the roulette ball moving around the wheel feeling extremely authentic.

Realistic Roulette also has a number of special features available. The option is there to switch between 3D and 2D views, using the touchscreen on your phone or tablet to find the best angle to watch all of the action. If you have ever played a La Partage variation in our live casino section, you will be familiar with the La Partage Rule which is featured in this online roulette game.

Whether you are playing on mobile, desktop or tablet, you will be able to access Realistic Roulette in HD. This means you can play this roulette game either at home or on the go, as long as you're 18+ and have a solid internet connection.

How to Play Realistic Roulette

Realistic Roulette is easy to follow, with many of the game rules being similar to other online roulette games. The first step is to place a bet. To do so, select a chip or a number of chips and place them on your chosen selections. If placing a bet on the ball to land in a specific number, place your chips on that number. Once all bets have been placed, you will need to click to spin the roulette wheel. The ball will spin and land in a particular section of the wheel. If your bet was a winner, you will be credited with a payout according to the odds that correspond to your winning bet. In Realistic Roulette, you can place bets on a number of different things. For example colour, odd or even, column and straight up bets.

After the game has stopped and any wins have been paid, the option is there to start another round if you wish to, which will have the same rules.

La Partage Rule

If you are unfamiliar with the La Partage rule which Realistic Roulette uses, it means that if the winning number is 0 (and you didn’t bet on 0), half of your stake will be given back to you. Due to this rule, house edge is reduced to 1.35%. This will apply to even money bets only.

Realistic Roulette Buttons


To set your bet before a round of Realistic Roulette gets underway, select the chip icon. It’s important to be happy with the amount you are staking before spinning the roulette wheel.

2D/3D View

The 2D/3D button is fairly self explanatory. It can be used to switch between 2D and 3D view.

Dolly Button

Pressing the Dolly button means you can see where the roulette ball has landed.


Press the spin button to spin the roulette wheel and get the game underway at your current bet amount.


If you want to delete any chips that currently sit on the number board, press the X button.


If you want to double your current bet, press the X2 button.

Bet UK Thinks

Here at Bet UK online casino we are always looking for the best and most innovative game titles. Realistic Roulette certainly fits in to both of these categories. Having control over the camera angles is a big plus, while the graphics themselves are excellent. The La Partage rule lowers the house edge too, which is helpful for the player.