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Rainbow Reels is an Irish-themed slot game developed by Pragmatic Play. The video slot has five reels and 40 paylines, and it is considered highly volatile, with an RTP of 96.07%. Rainbow Reels has many similar features to other Pragmatic Play games, including the ability to adjust your total bets through the spin button. Still, it also has standout features, such as its seven-layer bonus feature. The game also has many Irish-themed symbols, including a leprechaun hat and shoes.

Rainbow Reels Top Features

We explore Rainbow Reels’ top three features, including its unique elements, bonus features, and the type of slot game it's classified as.

Unique Features

Rainbow Reels has several unique features, including its mobile-friendly user interface. When you’re playing, you’ll be met with the sounds of an accordion, tambourine, and banjo, which will transport you to the Irish countryside, regardless of whether you're playing on a desktop or mobile phone.

Since Rainbow Reels has a 5x4 reel layout, the game transfers well to smaller screens.

Finally, there's no set upper limit for free spins, which isn't the case with many other slot games available on the market.

Bonus Features

Rainbow Reels has many bonus features, including its free spins feature. However, as mentioned, unlike other slot games on the market, there's no set upper limit on the number of free spins available when playing Rainbow Reels. Another standout bonus feature is Rainbow Reels’ seven-layer feature.

With this feature, every position on the grid can have up to seven different layers, each offering potential wins of a unique nature. When you spin, and it lands as part of a win, the top layer is revealed before disappearing to show the next layer. The process continues until the final seventh layer is reached or there are no new winners.

Five Things You Need to Know about Rainbow Reels

Here are five of the key things you need to know about the Rainbow Reels slot game:

Release Date

Pragmatic Play released the multilayered video slot on September 25th, 2023.

Pop Culture Reference

Like many of its kind, Rainbow Reel encompasses themes from Irish folklore, including tales of leprechauns. Naturally, slot enthusiasts will be no stranger to this theme, with Irish-inspired slot games among the most popular with audiences. The main symbols associated include four-leaf clovers and leprechauns, who have been synonymous with the Emerald Isle since at least 1604 when the word was first documented. Ever since, leprechauns have been featured among all sorts of media beyond online casino gaming.

Activating the Bonuses

While much attention is on the seven-layer bonus feature, you'll also want to know how to activate bonuses such as free spins. It's pretty simple - land more than three scatter symbols in the base game and then you'll receive 12 free spins.

How to Spin and Win on the Reels

Rainbow Reels has a 5x4 grid. Essentially, you'll need to land three or more matching symbols, moving from left to right, to achieve a winning combination.

Symbol Payouts

Different symbols in this game have different payout values associated with them. For example, there are A-10 symbols on the reels, which are the lowest-paying symbols. On the higher-paying end, the symbols include beer, hats, and horseshoes. However, the highest-paying symbol in Rainbow Reels is the leprechaun symbol. Rainbow Reels is a standalone game from Pragmatic Play but has many similarities to the other Irish-themed slot games you can play. That said, the game does have some unique features, including the seven-layer bonus feature and no set upper limit on the number of free spins.

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