Pixies of the Forest slot game

Pixies of the Forest

Pixies of the Forest Online Slot Game

This five-reel slot machine combines traditional slots with an extra Connected Lines feature that could pay off handsomely when luck is on your side.

About Pixies of the Forest Slot Game Online

Pixies of the Forest is a five-reel, 99-payline slot machine that lets you win in two ways during standard play. You can win with symbol combinations across the individual reels, beginning in the first slot on the left. Additionally, three lines are linked for every one coin played. The linked lines create additional winnings if identical symbols are shared on a side or corner. The 3 to 1 line connecting also enables you to play all 99 lines with just 33 coins.

Pixies of the Forest Online Slot Game Betting

The process for betting in this game is fairly easy to understand. You choose the number of coins and paylines by clicking the plus and minus signs accordingly. For every coin you play, three paylines will be linked together.

Standard payouts are calculated according to the winning combinations and number of coins bet. The game includes Bonus and Wild symbols for enhanced game play. The bonus symbol appears on reels one through three; a winning bonus symbol combination triggers the Free Spins bonus game. Wild symbols appear only on reels two, three, and four; they can be used to create winning combinations for any symbols except the bonus symbol.

Pixies of the Forest Online Slot Game Play

Pixies on the Forest's connected payline feature takes a bit of getting used to. However, once you start to notice what winning combinations look like, you will quickly understand the value of linking lines. Between Connected Lines, free spins and tumbling reels, Pixies of the Forest has plenty of treasures to be found and winnings to be won! Make your wager, spin the reels, and let the pixies do their work.


Whenever you achieve a winning symbol combination, in either standard or bonus play, that winning combination will activate the tumbling reels. Winning symbols are dropped from the game while new symbols tumble down from above. The addition of the new symbols gives you more chances to win on every subsequent spin. The game continues until all winning combinations are exhausted.


Three bonus symbols scattered across any of the reels during standard play activates the Free Spins bonus game. There are as many as 11 free spins available in the bonus game, but you can only activate those free spins once during each single standard spin. Pixies of the Forest lets you choose the bonus symbol that will determine how many free spins you get upon activation.

During bonus play, wild symbols appearing on the first four reels results in those reels increasing in value. Coin values during Free Spins play have the same value as the coins on the payline that triggered the bonus. Winning combinations during bonus play must consist of no more than two wild symbols per combination.


Pixies of the Forest offers the typical Low, Medium, High, and Best graphics options to help you get the right balance of performance and visual appeal. High is the default setting.

Even with Connected Lines, only one payout per line is possible. Winning combinations must occur on consecutive reels, beginning with the first wheel on the left side. During bonus play, additional free spins cannot be earned with bonus symbols. The number of free spins in each bonus round is determined by the bonus symbol chosen by the player. In addition, Pixies of the Forest includes a limit on the total amount won. Should you reach the maximum winnings at any point in the game, the game will automatically conclude. Any malfunction voids all plays and payouts.

Bet UK Online Casino Review: Pixies of The Forest Online Slot Game

Bet UK online casino provides a number of top IGT games with one of the standouts undoubtedly being Pixies of the Forest. It has been one of the most popular slot games with online casino fans for a while, with the Tumbling Reels feature an excellent addition that could mean further wins come rolling in without having to spin again.