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Lucky Little Devil

Lucky Little Devil

Lucky Little Devil Slot Buttons


Select the ‘PAYS’ button to access the Lucky Little Devil online slot paytable.

Bet/Stake per Line

You can edit the total stake per line in the Lucky Little Devil online slot by selecting the ‘-’ or ‘+’ button to decrease or increase the amount set.


Select the spin button to set the fiery slot reels into action!

Lucky Little Devil Slot Bonus Rounds


The 666 symbol in the Lucky Little Devil online slot is sure to grant you some fiery wins! If you land 3, 4 or 5 of these symbols on a winning line, you’ll win 200, 300 or a hell-raising 1,380x your initial stake!


The Lucky Little Devil will jump into the middle of the slot reels, flash the screen and produce a random number of Little Devil Coins will appear for a better chance to win!


Little Devil coins are mystery symbols which appear frequently in the slot. When they land on the reels they all spin together to reveal a single mystery symbol behind. The Lucky Little Devil can help you achieve massive wins if the symbols landed within the spin match with the symbols on the rest of the slot reels.


Get 3 Free Spin symbols anywhere on the slot reels to trigger the Free Spin rounds! Look out for the Mega Devil Coin which could appear at any time during your free Spins to take your big wins to the next level! At any time, the Lucky Little Devil may strike your Free Spins counter, which only increases your Free Spins!


During your Free Spins, the Lucky Little Devil may decide to grant you Mega Devil Coins for a chance of huge wins! When this appears on your slot reels you’ll definitely know as it will take up most of the slot reels, and when it does, it will then be partially split into positions on the reel. Like the Little Devil Coins, the Mega Devil Coin spins to reveal mystery symbols behind.


Sometimes when the slot reels have landed, the Lucky Little Devil might not be happy with the result for you. He may randomly step in and improve the final position of the reel for a win, free spins or even a special feature!


The Lucky Little Devil spins special reels made up entirely of Little Devil Coins. When the reels stop, all of the symbols spin simultaneously to land on a massive mystery win which hits every payline.