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What is Roulette Royal Casino

The famous Royal Casino in Denmark is the setting for this gorgeous live casino game by Authentic Gaming. The game provides an opportunity to take a virtual seat at a real table in the heart of the casino floor.

Everything that you see and hear on screen is real, and taking place live. Using Authentic Gaming’s next generation live streaming platform, HD cameras capture everything that happens and stream it directly to your screen. The game is fully optimised for mobile, as well as larger screens, so you’ll get the same great quality experience wherever you choose to play.

Betting is controlled by Authentic’s great looking and easy to use on-screen interface. If you’ve never played Roulette via an online casino before then you’ll find the controls incredibly simple to use.

Playing the game means you’ll be able to see and hear the real, professional croupier manage the game and spin the wheel. You’ll also rub shoulders with other players who are at the casino in person, and be able to soak up the ambience of the casino, for a truly lifelike experience.

Playing Live Roulette Royal Casino

Once you are logged in, the game is a simple as if you were there in person. Your on-screen controls let you quickly and efficiently place your bets as you wish and are designed to eliminate user error; no slip of the thumb is going to cost you here. Cash out when you want to and bet when you want – Royal Casino is perfect for new players looking to dip their toes or veterans looking to make efficient bank.

One of the features that sets this game apart, other than the real casino setting, is the simplicity of the interface. Everything you need is easily available and overlaid on the screen, but without detracting from the live-stream of the table and wheel.

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Roulette Royal Casino In-Game Features

The game includes a number of useful features to make the experience that little bit more slick and polished. You can place bets either from the grid or from the racetrack, just as you’d expect in any premium casino.

Options also include repeating bets, or auto-betting if you want to focus on a particular number or have a preferred betting style you’d like to stick to.

Some useful statistics are also provided such as a record of outcomes from up to 500 previous spins. If you want to keep an eye on where’s hot on the table, everything you need to know can be viewed on-screen. So whether you have a Roulette strategy that you’d like to try or simply have some favourite numbers or ways to bet, you’ll be able to get a feel for how the night at the table has been playing out so far.

Of course, as every responsible player knows, Roulette is a game of chance and it’s the random element of luck which gives the game its unique appeal.

Take Royal Casino Roulette For a Spin

With a beautiful real-life setting and high-quality live streaming, Royal Casino Roulette offers an authentic casino experience to players. Combined with the easy-to-use interface and helpful on-screen features, it’s hard not to recommend this game to anyone who likes Roulette. As part of our popular live casino game collection, Royal Casino from authentic Gaming is a title we’re pleased to offer to all our members. If you’re not a member already, register at Bet UK and take a closer look at Royal Casino Roulette.

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