King Kong Cash

Get ready for the kong-tastic King Kong Cash! Enter the King Kong Cash big money bonus to win up to 1000x your bet. There’s plenty of different bonus features available, including Golden Kong Free Spins. If you land wilds on the reels during this bonus it will increase the multipliers on the reels.




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Bonus: Wild Symbols, Sleepy Kong Bonus, Banana Cannon Wilds, Golden Barrel Super Spin, King Kong Spin Streak, Bonus Boost, Bonus Rounds, Barrel Blast Bonus, King Kong Trail Bonus, Empire Free Spins, Golden Kong Free Spins, Feature Gamble

About King Kong Cash

King Kong Cash is a 5 reel online casino game that uses 20 paylines. With 5 different Bonus Features. The game mixes jungle related symbols such as Rhinos and Tigers with royal playing card icons that will be more familiar to live casino enthusiasts. Blueprint Gaming have also created other animal themed slots that have become popular, such as Worms Reloaded and The Pig Wizard.

Play King Kong Cash right here at Bet UK on mobile, desktop, and tablet devices.

How to Play King Kong Cash


The size of the Bet can be changed by pressing the up (+) and down (-) arrows.


Press the I Button to view the games paytable and any information about any Bonus Rounds.


When you've decided how much to bet, press Spin to place your bet and play one game round.


Pressing Autoplay will let you choose how many games to make the game automatically spin for. Press the Stop button to pause your Autoplay feature.


The Balance window lets you keep an eye on how much you have left to play with in your account.


Each time you win, the total amount you have won will be shown in the Win window.

King Kong Cash Special Features

Wild Symbols

King Kong Cash's Wild symbols will substitute for all symbols in the game apart from the Scatter and Bonus symbols. There are also 2 Bonus Wilds that can be used in different Bonus Rounds: Banana Cannon Wilds and Empire Spin Roaming Wilds.

Sleepy Kong Bonus

Kong can wake up at any point during any spin, triggering one of 4 different Sleepy Kong Bonuses. The available Bonuses are: Banana Cannon Wilds, Golden Barrel Super Spin, King Kong Spin Streak and Bonus Boost.

Banana Cannon Wilds

As the reels are stopping, Kong will wake up and shoot a sticky banana bomb onto the central position of the reels. The sticky banana bomb will explode and turn random symbols on the reels into Wilds. After any wins have been awarded, there is then a chance that Kong will jump up and down, making the reels spin, but keeping the Wilds in place at the same time.

Golden Barrel Super Spin

As the reels are spinning, Kong will throw a Golden Barrel into the centre. The Barrel will then explode all over the reels, adding additional Barrels in random positions. When the reels have stopped spinning, all of the Barrels that land on the reels will explode and reveal a single matching symbol.

King Kong Spin Streak

When the reels have landed on a winning combination, Kong will jump out of his throne and hit the reels with his mallet. The reels will then spin again, holding every winning symbol in place. If any more symbols are added to the winning combination, then the reels will spin again, holding even more symbols in place. Re-spins will continue until no more new symbols are added to the winning combination.

Bonus Boost

Just like the Golden Barrel Super Spins, more symbols will be added randomly to the reels. But instead of matching symbols, additional Bonus symbols will be added to the reels, giving you a bigger chance of triggering a Bonus Round when the reels stop.

Bonus Rounds

When 3 Bonus symbols land anywhere on the reels, you'll be taken to spin the Bonus Wheel. On the Wheel there will be 5 different Bonuses. Spin the reels to land on the Bonus Round that you will be playing with. After landing on your Bonus, you will then get the option to gamble it away for a Bonus Round that has a higher average payout.

Barrel Blast Bonus: Land on the Barrel Blast Bonus and you will be taken to a new screen, covered in Barrels. Clicking on a Barrel will reveal an item, which will come with a multiplier. Find 3 matching items and you will be given the multiplier that was matched with the item. There is also an item that when found 3 times, will double all multipliers. Finding 3 Golden Monkeys will also take you straight to a King Kong Cash Big MONEY Bonus.

King Kong Trail Bonus: The King Kong Trail Bonus Game is split into 2 seperate stages, a Multiplier Trail and the King Kong Cash BIG MONEY Bonus. In the first stage, there are a number of different barrels to choose from. Choose a Barrel to reveal one of the following options: Advance (Between 1-5 spaces), Golden Monkey or Bomb. Finding Advance will move you up the trail for a number of spaces, increasing your overall multiplier. Revealing the Golden Monkey will take you past the Multiplier Trail and straight to the King Kong Cash Big MONEY Bonus. Reveal a Bomb and the Bonus will end and you will be awarded the multiplier you are currently on. In the King Kong Cash Big Money Bonus, Kong will be placed in the middle of a circle of Barrels, with 2 rows of Bananas on each side of him. The Barrels will stop spinning, revealing a Multiplier which will be applied to your current bet. Then choose a banana from one of the columns on each side of the screen. The Banana will either reveal a Golden Monkey or a Bomb. A Golden Monkey will spin the Barrels again and a Bomb will end the Bonus and award all winnings.

Empire Free Spins: The Empire Free Spins will be played on 3 different sets of reels that will all be on the Empire State Building. The screen will begin at the top of Empire State building and pan down to the ground, passing the 3 different reels on the way. You will begin with 10 Free Spins on the bottom reel. On each reel, there will be a number of Golden Monkey overlays placed on random symbols. Find 3 Golden Monkeys on a reel to advance to the next one. Each reel will also feature a different Wild feature. All reels feature Roaming Wilds, which means that any Wilds landing on the reels will remain on the reels for every spin and move to a random position. The Wilds on the second set of reels are also multiplying Wilds. Each time the Wilds roam around and land on the same spot, they will also award a 2x multiplier to any wins they are involved in. The final set of reels features Expanding Wilds. The Wilds are still roaming, and if 2 land on the same position, then they will expand to cover the entirety of the reel that they are on. Any Wilds will also carry on through all reels, so by the time you reach the final reel, there could be a lot of Wilds on the reels.

Golden Kong Free Spins: All Golden Kong Free Spins will be played on a 5x4 reel slot with 40 available paylines. If any Wilds land on the reels during your spins, then the Wild Bank on the side of the reels will increase by the correct amount of Wilds. When the Free Spins are over, the Wild Spins will begin. The Wild Spins will be played on the same reel, and will feature all of the Wilds in the Wild Bank during each spin. After each spin, you will be given the choice of 3 Barrels. Choosing a Barrel will either reveal a Golden Donkey or a Bomb. Revealing a Golden Donkey will spin the reels again with the Wilds all placed in new positions. The Bomb will end the Bonus Round and all your winnings will be awarded.

Feature Gamble

Each time you win a Feature, you can choose to either COLLECT or GAMBLE your winnings. After the Bonus Wheel has been spun, you will be given the option to GAMBLE your feature for any higher paying Bonuses. The 5 available features will all be shown in order or payout, with the highest being at the top. If you choose to GAMBLE then you could win a bigger Bonus but if you gamble and lose, then no Bonus will be awarded. If the Wheel lands on the Mystery Win symbol, then a multiplier will be given to be applied to your stake.

Bet UK Review

Blueprint Gaming's King Kong Cash is one of the most popular games we have here at Bet UK online casino, with slot fans loving the graphics and the gameplay. Plenty of Free Spins can be claimed if things go your way, while Kong himself could help you towards those wins! There's a pseudo-sequel to this slot in the form of Return of Kong Megaways. For something totally different, take a look at our online betting markets.