The Deal Or No Deal Scratchcard features 3 games each time you play, with a chance to take home the Jackpot King at any point.

Deal Or No Deal Scratchcard Buttons

Select A Stake
This is the first option that will become available to you when you open the game. Use the right (+) and left (-) arrows to change your stake. Entering a higher stake will eliminate some of the lower prizes.

Buy Card
The Buy Card button will buy one scratchcard with the stake that you have chosen.

Reveal All
The Reveal All button will automatically reveal all of the game panels, rather than manually scrathcing each panel.

Deal Or No Deal Scratchcard game

Game 1
The first game will show 5 rows with 2 boxes, one will be yours and the other will be the dealers. Each box will have a number on it, if your box has a higher number than the dealer, then you will win the prize shown at the end of the row.

Game 2
Game 2 will reveal a number of different symbols. Reveal 3 of the telephone symbols to trigger the Blue Box Bonus. In the Blue Box Bonus, you will either reveal a spot prize, a Jackpot King Logo or the Deal or NO Deal Bonus. Deal or No Deal is played just like a classic game of Deal or No Deal. Choose your lucky box and then eliminate boxes one by one. After a certain number of boxes, the dealer will offer you a prize, its up to you to say Deal or No Deal. Keep on playing until your lucky box has been revealed, or you choose to Deal.

Game 3
The final game will present you with 5 rows, each containing 3 envelopes. The envelopes will each contain a value. Match 2 of the values on a row and you will be awarded the prize.

Jackpot King Progressive Pot
The Jackpot King Progressive Pot is the biggest jackpot available here at Bet UK. Enter the Blue Box bonus and reveal the Jackpot King logo to enter the unique bonus round. The Jackpot King Bonus round is the same as the rest of our games, with a set of reels containing normal symbols as well as Crown symbols. Keep spinning the reels and find 15 Crown symbols to enter the Wheel King Bonus. Here, you will spin the Wheel King to either win up to 10,000x your stake, or take home the Jackpot King Progressive.

What is Jackpot King? When you stake on a Jackpot King slot game 0.13% of each stake is put into the Reserve pot. When someone wins the Jackpot King, the Jackpot will reset using the funds in the Reserve Pot. The Jackpot is funded by the initial seed, as well as 0.86% of each stake that is staked on any Jackpot King slot game, with an additional 0.13% being placed into the Reserve Pot, ready to reset again when someone wins. This will continue to happen every time the Jackpot King is won. Play a Jackpot King Slot and see if your luck is in!

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