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Cops 'n' Robbers: Vegas Vacation

Cops 'n' Robbers: Vegas Vacation

About Cops ‘n’ Robbers Vegas Vacation Slot

Cops ‘n’ Robbers Vegas Vacation is an online casino slot game developed by Novomatic to feature 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 paylines. The theme of the online slot machine is based on the classic game of Cops 'n' Robbers, as Bert looks to avoid being tangled with the law. Bert’s Wild is the highest paying symbol in the game, followed by the Cops 'n' Robbers logo, dice and a Intersection 15 road sign.

There are many different modifiers and bonus games that can be triggered in the Cops ‘n’ Robbers Vegas Vacation slot game. Modifiers include the Dynamite Win, Bert’s Wild Giveaway, Reel Raider, Bert’s Going Wild. Bonzo the dog can leap into action with the Find Bonzo A Bone Bonus, with other bonus features including Spotlight Wilds, On The Run and Daylight Robberies.

How to Play Cops ‘n’ Robbers Vegas Vacation Slot

Total Bet In order to edit your bet amount in the Cops ‘n’ Robbers Vegas Vacation slot game, you can use the Plus (+) and Minus (-) buttons at the bottom of the game interface.

Spin Use the Spin button to set the Cops ‘n’ Robbers Vegas Vacation slot to play through one full round, with any wins accumulated from that spin being paid directly to your balance.

Autoplay Autoplay is also a feature in the Cops ‘n’ Robbers Vegas Vacation slot, where you can set the game up to play through a set number of spins automatically, up to the maximum amount of 100 at a time. Autoplay can be stopped by setting up a loss limit or a single win limit too.

Cops ‘n’ Robbers Vegas Vacation Slot Features

Dynamite Win Reel Modifier

With the Dynamite Win Reel Modifier, Bert may lose his temper on an unsuccessful spin and blow up the reels using dynamite. This can lead to the award of either a win or a bonus, and if Bert feels up to it he may even do this more than once. If that occurs, then any wins that you have landed will be added together.

Bert’s Wild Giveaway Reel Modifier

Bert may be up to his old tricks again as he adds extra Wilds onto reel 5 thanks to the Wild Giveaway Reel Modifier. The Wild symbols could slide one reel to the left on each spin, and Bert can keep adding more Wilds until he is chased away from the reels.

Reel Raider Reel Modifier

The Reel Raider Modifier could lead to Bert swinging in to then make copies of the symbols that are currently appearing in reel 1. This could lead to new wins being formed and if they are, they’ll be paid into your balance straight away. Could Bert help you towards a fortune?

Bert’s Going Wild Reel Modifier

Bert can run behind the reels and add multiple Wilds as he goes with the Bert’s Going Wild Reel Modifier. Will the Wilds he adds to the reels help you towards a win or two in the Cops ‘n’ Robbers Vegas Vacation slot game?

Find Bonzo a Bone Bonus

A dog is a man’s best friend and that is certainly the case for Bert, as his pooch Bonzo can dig for cash prizes in the Find Bonzo A Bone Bonus. This is triggered by finding 2 normal bonus symbols on reels 1 and 2 then a Bonzo Bonus symbol on reel 5. A cash prize may be found through the digging, or he may find an upgrade to one of the other bonus rounds.

Spotlight Wilds Bonus

Land the Spotlight Bonus symbol on reel 5 along with 2 normal bonus symbols on reels 1 and 2 in order to trigger the Spotlight Wilds bonus. You will be credited with an initial 5 Free Spins to play through. With each spin, the Spotlight will add one or more Wilds onto the reels. As well as cash, more Free Spins or an upgrade to a different bonus can also be won.

On The Run Bonus

An On The Run bonus symbol on reel 5 as well as 2 normal bonus symbols on reels 1 and 2 will trigger the On The Run bonus. Bert will roll the dice and move across the board and then the Golden Trail, making sure to collect cash as he goes. If you land on an arrow, Bert will move into the Golden Trail. There will be unlimited rolls of the dice until he lands on the exit arrow.

Bonzo can return to the game in order to spin the Vegas reel, which could award additional bonuses such as:

Add Again - The price will be added twice. Get Ahead - Bert will roll the dice one further time. Nice Dice - Both dice will roll and multiply the current stake by the combined number on the dice. Super Dice - Both dice are rolled, multiplying the current stake by the number that’s generated. Golden Trail - Players are advanced into the middle and take their place on the Golden Trail. Bonus - You will be upgraded to the Daylight Robberies Bonus.

Daylight Robberies Bonus

Land the Daylight Robberies Bonus symbol on reel 5 along with 2 normal bonus symbols on reels 1 and 2 in order to trigger the final bonus. Unlimited Free Spins can be played through, while Bonzo’s Bouncing Wilds can move across the reels with each spin. They can also create double wins when they substitute and cause a winning line. A total bet win of x1000 can be claimed if the casino is robbed by Bert and Bonzo.

If Cop and Robber symbols are landed on reels 1 and 5, they will be moved below the reels. If the robbers are then caught, Bert will head to an ID Parade and the bonus ends.

Bet UK Cops ‘n’ Robbers Vegas Vacation Slot Review

Bet UK online casino list some incredible slot games from the popular developer Novomatic and Cops ‘n’ Robbers Vegas Vacation is no different. The main attraction of this slot is the numerous modifiers and bonus rounds that can be triggered. The design and graphics are based on a classic family favourite game and nostalgia can play a part here too. Other terrific slots from Novomatic include Book Of Ra Deluxe and Sizzling Hot Deluxe.