Cash or Crash Live

Cash or Crash Live


Cash or Crash Live Stats

  • Provider – Evolution
  • Theme – Game Show
  • Max Win – 50,000x Your Stake

Cash or Crash Live Top Features

Cash or Crash Live is a live game show style casino game with a bingo-style format. The dealer draws coloured balls from a machine, and players have a small betting window to decide if they want to continue or cash out. Green balls send you further up the money ladder, while red balls will cause you to crash down.

It’s simple to get the hang of and play, but there are a few things that you need to know before you start wagering on it. The title is different to traditional casino games like slots, so it’s impossible to determine its volatility and it doesn’t have reels or paylines.

Bonus Features

Cash or Crash Live doesn’t have any bonus features in the traditional sense, but it does include a bonus ball. In the game, players need to move up a ladder to get higher payouts. Green balls send them up the next rung of the ladder, while red balls result in them crashing down. The gold ball acts as a bonus ball, which shields players from the next red ball that’s drawn.

Cash or Crash Live is a highly unique game, and it’s hard to think of any others like it. In the game, players need to quickly decide whether to cash out or continue playing before the live dealer selects the next ball.

Cash or Crash Live is a live game show with a host dealer. You’ll feel completely immersed in this intense battle against the balls, where it’s all about making quick decisions.

Cash or Crash Live is suitable for high rollers and people who want to play for low stakes. For people who bet big, the max win is incredible. In fact, you can win up to 50,000x your stake if you are lucky.

The jackpot in Cash or Crash Live happens if you manage to get all the way to the top of the ladder. For this to happen, you’ll have to only receive green balls or get lucky with gold balls that shield you from a red.

Three Things you Need to Know About Cash or Crash Live

Before you start playing Cash or Crash Live, here are some of the key things you need to know:

How to set your stake – Simply adjust the bet amount at the bottom of the screen using the plus or minus buttons. When you are satisfied, you can start spinning the reels.

Is this game one of a kind? – Yes, there are no other games like this on the market. There are live titles that make players feel like they are immersed in a game show, but there aren’t currently any on the market that use the bingo ladder format of Cash or Crash Live.

Is the game related to anything else in popular culture? – Cash or Crash Live is clearly inspired by intense game shows like Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Players travel up a ladder in the same way as they would on the show, with each rung offering the chance to win a higher prize.

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