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About Birdz Slot

Birdz is a 5x3 reel online slot machine that uses the Cascading Reels feature, giving you more chances to win on each spin. The game benefits from a host of bonus rounds and features that are unique in UK online casino games, that provide maximum intrigue for experienced players and fledglings alike.

Play Birdz slot on mobile, desktop, and tablet devices right here at Bet UK.

How to Play Birdz Slot

Paytable Press the Paytable button to view how much each symbol in the game is worth.

Stake Use the up (+) and down (-) arrows next to the window to change the Total Stake.

Play Press Play to place your bet and spin the reels.

Total Paid After each winning spin, the total amount you have won will be shown in the Total Paid window.

Birdz Slot Special Features

Cascading Reels

Cascading Reels give you the chance to win more than once on any spin. After a winning spin, any winning symbols will be removed and more symbols will be replaced. If more wins are formed, then the reels will cascade again and carry on until no more wins are found.

Eggstra Special Trail

Gain one or more winning cascades in a row from one spin and the Birdz Egg Trail will being. The trail will count up each consecutive winning cascade. When the cascading is over, reel modifiers will create even more than that could trigger the Birdz Egg Trail to start counting again. These modifiers include - Cracking Wilds, Scarecrow, Pecking Order, ZAP and Shotgun.

Bird Blitz

The Bird Blitz can be randomly triggered after any losing spin. The Blitz will be cause lighting to strike the reels, making the birds fly until they create a win.

Bet UK Birdz Slot Review

At Bet UK we're delighted to welcome Birdz slot into our casino collection. The three bonus features are high quality, with the Bird Blitz round proving to be the pick of the bunch. For more bird-brained mayhem, why not take a look at the Good Feathers slot or The Great Chicken Escape?

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