Big Wheel

Get ready to visit the fair and win big in Big Wheel! Take a spin on the Big Wheel to decide between 1 of 6 unique bonus rounds.




Min Bet


Max Bet

Bonus: Big Wheel Bonus

Base Game

Big Wheel uses 1 payline on a 3x3 reel slot.

Near Miss

The Near Miss feature is triggered when the Big Symbol is either one symbol above or below the central reel position. If the Big Wheel is only one symbol away, there is a 50% chance that the Near Miss feature will be triggered and award the Big Wheel Bonus.

Big Wheel

If the Big Wheel symbol lands in the very centre of the reels, the Big Wheel Bonus is triggered. You'll get one spin of the wheel to decide which bonus you'll be awarded.


Landing on SuperJackpot will award you the complete 30x Jackpot, aswell as triggering the Repeat Chance feature. This gives you the chance to keep on winning the Jackpot up to a total of 300x your original stake.


A light will move around the outer 8 symbols on the reels. Press the Stop button to pause the light on one of the symbols. The symbol that is then highlighted will be awarded with a 3 of a kind win.


Choose a number of reel steps to light up the fruits on the award panel. When you light up 3 of the same kind of fruit, you'll be awarded a 3 of a kind fruit win.

Duck Shoot

The Duck Shoot symbol will award 3 cherries on the award panel. You will then be given 3 chances to light up the next reward on the panel. Keep on playing until all symbols have been revealed and the Jackpot has been won, or until you fail to light the next award.

Ring the Bell

The Ring the Bell feature will cause each reel to move by 1 position. Each bell that then appears on the reels will award a prize. You can choose to move the reels again, or to take the money you already have. If you choose to move the reels again and no more bells appear, you will lose your prize and the game will be over. If another Bell appears, you will be given the same choice.

Crazy Reels

The Crazy Reels feature adds extra winlines to the reels, meaning extra wins can be awarded. Any 3 in a row symbols will then be awarded, no matter which direction they are in. There is a chance for the Crazy Reels feature to appear on any losing spin.