Beehive Bedlam online casino game

Beehive Bedlam

About Beehive Bedlam Slot

Beehive Bedlam is an incredible online casino game, which offers several splendid features to Bet UK players. The chance to fill the Honey Jar with every win isn't the only thing that makes this game intriguing, as the layout and structure of the reels themselves are unique in the world of online slots. Beehive Bedlam is fully playable on mobile, desktop, and tablet devices, right here at Bet UK.

Beehive Bedlam Slot Buttons

Stake Clicking the plus button will increase your stake before each bet and clicking the minus button will decrease the stake amount.

Balance This shows how much you have available to you to bet with in your account.

Win The Win Box shows how much you've won when the symbols appear on a winning line.

Play Clicking the PLAY button will let the symbols fall for one game round.

Auto Play This will allow the reels to fall automatically for a desired number of rounds.

How to Play Beehive Bedlam slot

Guaranteed win Connect 5 or more symbols and you'll be granted a win. These connected symbols will pop and then disappear allowing more symbols to fall in their place.

Achievements There are 15 achievements for you to unlock and move your way through the Beehive Bedlam Reactors game. Click the MENU button and you'll be able to see what level you're at.

The Honey Jar Connecting Beekeeper symbols will add honey to the Jar with 20 levels available in the Jar, once you reach the top you'll be entered into the Honey Jar Bonus.

The Honey Jar Bonus When the Honey Jar Bonus game activates you'll have to press the screen to keep Buzz flying. Try and avoid obstacles and collect gold coins to complete the bonus.

Free Falls Connect 3 or more Free Falls symbols and you'll be entered into the Free Falls bonus. x3 symbols triggers 8 Free Falls, x4 symbols triggers 10 Free Falls, x5 symbols triggers 12 Free Falls, x6+ symbols triggers 15 Free Falls.

World Bonus Game Each World you enter has 10 levels within this, Each time you complete a World you'll receive an additional World Bonus payout along with a new outfit for your character - Buzz. The World Multiplier will be worked out depending on your stake used for the World. Click the paytable to view the bonus prizes awarded when completing each World. The maximum win available from any game is 250,000, However, the Progressive Jackpot can exceed 250,000.

Progressive Jackpot The Progressive Jackpot can be won during any spin. Getting 5 Gold Reels during any Spin awards the progressive jackpot. The Progressive Jackpot is available on any stake, with 1% of the stake being added to the Progressive Pot and 0.1% added to a hidden Reserve Pot.. When the jackpot is won, it is reset to the "seed" amount and begins to rise again.

Bet UK Beehive Bedlam Slot Review

At Bet UK's top online casino, we're always on the lookout for the best slots to add to our collection, and Beehive Bedlam certainly fits the bill. Fantastic and unique bonus features always prove to be popular with players, which explains the success of the Rainbow Riches series of games, but Beehive Bedlam certainly provides a solid alternative to that saga. If you fancy something different to UK casino games, why not explore our online betting markets?