Amazing Link Catalleros

Amazing Link Catalleros

Min Stake
Max Stake

Amazing Link Catalleros Stats

Reels5 Reels, 3 Rows
ThemeAnimal (Cat)
BonusFree Spins (Three)
Max Win5,000x

Amazing Link Catalleros Top Features

Looking to play the Amazing Link Catalleros slot game? Here are three features that we believe are worth looking out for when playing this SpinPlay slot.

1. Bonus Feature: Free Spins

One of the most popular features in this game is the variation in Free Spins bonuses. There are three in this game that players can utilise and they are:

- Tabby Catallero Free Spins - Tuxedo Catallero Free Spins - Calico Catallero Free Spins

The Tabby Catallero bonus makes one reel an Amazing Wild Reel, which can only feature Wild symbols, meaning the chances of landing a large win on the reels increases.

The Tuxedo Catallero bonus removes all lower-paying symbols from the reels.

The Calico Catallero bonus combines features from the two bonuses mentioned above.

2. A theme that needs more!

If you play slots regularly at BetUK, you will know that there are hundreds of slot themes that are available on-site and many of them are very popular, such as Irish slots and Egyptian slots. However, the cat theme is one that is seriously underutilised in our opinion. The world is torn by opinions on cats and dogs but cat lovers around the world will recognise the most adorable mobsters in the world of online casino gaming.

3. Jackpots Galore

When looking for the biggest prizes available in Amazing Link Catalleros, you will find that Jackpot prizes are the way to go, with the maximum jackpot of 5,000x your stake being the largest win you can receive. Mixed in with the Amazing Link feature, the higher your bet, the higher the prize total. There are four different jackpots that you can land and they are 20x, 50x, 500x and 5,000x.

Five Things You Need to Know about Amazing Link Catalleros

How to set your stake in Amazing Link Catalleros

When looking to play the Amazing Link Catalleros slot game, you’ll need to know how and where to set your stake. The stake value can be found underneath the reels and to change this, you simply need to click on the plus and minus symbols to alter your stake accordingly.

How to spin the reels in Amazing Link Catalleros

Spinning the reels of the Amazing Link Catalleros couldn’t be easier, once players have chosen their stake - described above, you will then need to click the spin button on the right hand side of the reels to begin your spinning experience.

What is the Amazing Link?

The Amazing Link is a series of games created by SpinPlay that incorporate one particular method of bonus. These games include the Amazing Symbol, land six or more of these symbols on the reels and receive 3 respins where Amazing Symbols will reset the respins back to their original value. This has been a feature in a number of Amazing Link slots that you’ll be able to find at the bottom of this page.

Where can you find more info in-game?

If you’ve already found the stake and spin buttons, you won’t be far away from the in-game information sections. As in the bottom right corner of the reels, you will find three lines, click this button and you will be presented with information given to players by the provider, in this case SpinPlay.

A Jackpot can Appear at Anytime

In some games, you have to go through a bonus round to stand a chance of activating the Jackpot bonus. However, in Amazing Link Catalleros, the Jackpot Pick feature can be activated at any time, if you’re looking to land the biggest win in this game, the reels show that you could possibly be just one click away - providing the reels line-up in your favour.

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