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7s on fire casino game

7s on Fire

About 7s On Fire Slot

The SG Interactive/Barcrest partnership is responsible for one of the greatest franchises in online casino history, in the form of Rainbow Riches. 7s On Fire is another slot game that demonstrates how effective the alliance can be, although it represents a more simplistic layout than the aforementioned. Harking back to classic land-based slots, there are five paylines across the 3x3 reels. The main symbol in the game is the fiery 7s which also act as a wild.

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How To Play 7s On Fire Slot

Total Bet

You can edit the amount you are willing to wager on the next spin with the red - and green + buttons to the left of the reels, above and below the Stake display. Your total bet can range between 10p and £100 per spin.


If you are happy with the bet amount, you can play through a single round by clicking the green Spin button. Any wins that appear as a result of that spin will be directly added to your balance.


If you require additional information for 7s On Fire, the blue Help button in the bottom left of your screen allows you to view the paytable.

Bet UK 7s On Fire Slot Review

7s On Fire is a back to basics slot game from SG Interactive, who are known for the likes of Pillars of Asgard, where up to one million paylines could potentially come into play. That level of win potential is not present in 7s On Fire, but there’s ample opportunity to form wins, particularly if the fiery 7 symbols appear on the first two reels and operate as a wild. For more from this developer, why not take a look at the Action Bank slot?