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20p Slot

20p Slot

About 20p Slot

The 20p slot is played on a 3 reel, 5 payline slot. From NYX Gaming and developed by Inspired Gaming, the 20p slot is a well-made but simplistic online slot machine. However, even though it may be simple in style it could be crazy in payouts! Activate the Fortune Bet in the 20p slot and you may be banking for the big wins that are available!

How To Play 20p Slot


To view information such as the winning lines, symbol values and bonus rounds in the 20p slot, select the paytable.

Bet/Stake per Line

Select the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons to increase or decrease the total stake per line in the 20p slot.


Select the ‘Spin’ button to set the reels into motion!

20p Slot Bonus Rounds

Fortune Bet

Selecting the option to activate the Fortune Bet could allow you to unlock the full potential of the 20p slot! When the Fortune Bet is activated your stake will be automatically by 50%, however, this will also grant you a Wild symbol on the reels in the 20p slot. This could be able to form huge winning combinations for potential monumental payouts that are available with every spin of the reels!

Bet UK 20p Slot Review

The 20p Slot is exceptional in that it not only allows you to place relatively small wagers as you play, but it also gives you the opportunity to win huge cash prizes. As such, it is one of the hidden gems of the Bet UK online casino.