Super League Betting

Forming part of Rugby League, the Super League is a competition that represents the top tier of the sport, bringing together the best talent from England and France.

In total, twelve teams are competing in the Super League. Eleven of the teams are from England, whilst one is from France. Over the course of the season, these teams will play eleven games at home and eleven away.

Teams positioned in the top six will find themselves progressing into play-offs where they will go head-to-head to decide the Champions. For the team that makes the top of the table, they will be awarded the league leaders shield, as well as a place in the semi-final of the play-offs, which is the second round. The first round of the playoffs will see the teams from 3rd-6th in the league challenging each other.

One of the Super League teams will be relegated from the Super League if they find themselves at the bottom.

For each game coming up, you can browse the latest Super League odds at BetUK, including the option to bet live or outright.

Super League Odds

Before you bet on the Super League, you can browse live and outright betting markets. Live betting will allow you to bet on events that are happening live within each game. Outright Super League betting is focused on predicting outcomes ahead of time. This could include bets on the outcome of the Super League or the individual games.

Super League Outright Betting

Some of the most common outright betting options for the Super League include:

Outright Champions - By the end of the competition, which team will be crowned the Champion of the Super League?

Match results - For each game in the calendar, you can bet on which team you believe will win.

Super League Handicap Betting - If you have a scenario where there is a clear favourite, handicap betting can be used to improve the odds. The underdog will start the game with a set amount of points, meaning the favourite must win by a certain margin for the bet to be successful.

Super League Live Betting

As you follow the Super League action live, you can make live bets such as:

Next team to score - As the game is unfolding, predict which team will score the next try in the game. Following the game live gives you a chance to see who is the likely favourite before placing a bet.

Individual players - Make predictions based on individual players achieving certain outcomes in games, including players scoring tries.

Super League Betting FAQs

How does handicap betting work for the Super League?

Handicap bets are often selected to improve odds for matches where there is a strong favourite.

When selecting a handicap bet, you might choose the favourite to start on -7.5 points. This would mean they must beat their opponent by more than 7.5 points for the bet to win.

Who is the most successful Super League team?

St. Helens and Leeds Rhinos are among the most successful teams in the history of the Rugby Super League.

You can find Super League odds for the outright winner at BetUK. These odds will likely be updated as the season progresses and teams move up and down the table.

What is the Grand Final?

When the top six teams are drafted into the playoffs, each will be competing to make it to the final, which is also known as the Grand Final.

Online sportsbooks also give you odds for the Grand Final, with the option to bet outright and in-play.

What individual awards are available in the Super League?

Top scorers are tracked throughout the season, keeping an eye on the players that score the most tries and points for their sides.

The Man of Steel award is provided to the player who is considered to be the player of that season. Points are assigned to players throughout the season to help determine who should be labelled the Man of Steel.

For a man-of-the-match performance in the Grand Final, a player will be awarded with the Harry Sunderland Trophy.

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