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Pesapallo Betting

Unless you're familiar with niche sports or a native of Finland, it's unlikely that you'll be aware of the sport known as Pesapallo. Pasapallo (also known as Pesis) is essentially the Finnish version of American Baseball. The fast-moving bat-and-ball sport is the national sport of Finland and you can find betting odds for each game of Pesapallo at Bet UK. The closest comparison to Pesapallo that we have in the United Kingdom is Rounders, orginated in 1920, Pesapallo started after Finnish athlete Lauri Pihkala attended a Baseball game in Boston thirteen years prior. However, despite it's small popularity in the UK, it is one of the most popular sports betting markets in the Nordics.

Pesapallo Betting Markets

Pesapallo betting isn't exactly the most in-depth when it comes to betting markets and that makes finding betting odds for the best betting tips very difficult due to the small number of betting markets. However, these are some of the top betting markets that you can find for Pesapallo.

Winner Bet: - The process of placing a bet on the winner of a game or the winner over a certain period of the game. One of the few markets that remains for live betting markets.

Handicap Betting: - A similar bet to the winner betting markets. However, with handicap betting you select a team to start with a specific handicap, for example, you could pick a team to have a 2-point advantage or disadvantage pre-match. Correctly predicting handicap bets are how many experts tend to win big. To see more check out our Asian Handicap betting guide.

Total Points: - Bet on the number of points with a certain game, the more a batter hits, the more points that they'll have the chance to score. As the Pitcher throws vertically rather than horizontally, it is easier to score points than in other sports with a similar format.

First Team to Score: - Bet on the first team to score in the game and the first team to reach a certain score.

Pitcher Bets: - Bet on markets regarding the Pitcher, including a number of strikeouts and total outs in a game.

Batter Bets: - Bet on the number of Home Run's in a game and whether a player will manage to hit a home run during a game.

Bet Builder: - Boost your betting odds by adding multiple bets from a single game into your bet slip. Check out our betting rules for information regarding the feature or alternatively check out our bet builder guide.

What makes Pesapallo different to Baseball?

Pesapallo has a number of features that may seem unusual to sports betting fans or those who are simply regular Baseball viewers. To begin with Pesapallo features a zigzag base path, with a rectangular outfield and three bases for players to run between. Those that stand at the base and look to eliminated batters are known as "Jokers".

The second major change is that the pitcher doesn't stand in the centre of the field to pitch the ball, the pitcher stands next to the batter and throws the ball vertically, thus making the ball easier to hit and easier to control the direction and power. The ball must reach at least one meter above the batter's head to be deemed a fair ball. However, despite this, Pesapallo is a sport that doesn't have high-scoring games, so there isn't a lot of variation available in the score markets.