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Bikes, Cars and Karts are Motor vehicles that are made for racing and no matter which format you look at, winning an event/race is a difficult task. All Motorsports see a number of drivers race in sport-specific cars which will have rules and regulations around how they are built, formed and raced during an event. This gives these sports a level a consistency across races and seasons meaning that it is fairly difficult for a competitor to be taken over and rise to the top in a small period of time.

Here at BetUK, we have a wide range of Motor Sport betting markets whether you're looking for Stock Car Racing to Superbikes, all the way through to smaller variants of Kart racing, so check out our individual race pages and see what offerings we have for you.

Motor Racing Betting Odds

Betting odds for Motor Racing differs depending on the sport. For example, if you're betting on Formula 1 Grand Prix markets for the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, the odds will likely be incredibly low. However, when online sports betting on the likes of MotoGP or Nascar Cup Series race winners, you'll find that the odds are significantly higher as the driver who is leading the Drivers Championship or the driver that has the most points isn't necessarily the best pick to win the race, even if the previous Championship winner leads the entire Championship and has a fantastic record at the race, they'll not have low odds of winning the race. You may arguably find your best chances of landing wins comes in the form of outright betting, therefore if a driver fails to perform during a single race, you're not reliant on a race winner, the fastest lap, whether or not there is a safety car during the race or a solitary error in the pit lane leading to penalties. Outright winner betting is the most consistent Motor Racing betting market and is often won by the most deserving driver and leaves little chance of single mistakes leading to errors.

Motor Racing Betting Tips

When looking to place bets on Motor Racing, whether it's Formula One, MotoGP, Nascar or any form of racing. There are a number of things to consider when it comes to placing bets and figuring out where the best value for money is. Some of the main things we look to consider:

Vehicle Setup: One of the major differences between the options you have to bet on. However, the biggest difference between performances comes in the form of vehicle setup. Whether it's the actual vehicle itself or even something as simple as tire pressures. They all have a significant impact on how the race will go, typically, you'll know after a couple of races into the season whether or not a vehicle is up to standard against its competitors.

Track form: Some drivers simply perform better at certain tracks. Whether it's because the track itself is one they enjoy or because their skillset best suits that track. For example, Lewis Hamilton has a fantastic record at both the Hungaroring and at his home circuit of Silverstone, winning the latter for 7 out of 8 consecutive years. Sometimes, to find the best bet for a race, it can take just 2 minutes to research the previous form of a driver at the event and find who performs best during the race.

Race Strategy: Depending on the team a driver performs for, you'll have a rough idea of a teams strategy going into an event. For example, in Formula One, Red Bull's strategy will almost always be in favour of Max Verstappen, meaning backing Sergio Perez to win a race may not be the best strategy. However, if Max Verstappen retires early, the strategy will change and you could have a fantastic value for money bet before the odds change.

Research a race: Certain races are known for different reasons, sometimes they're good, sometimes they're negative. For example, the Monaco Grand Prix is well-known for being a difficult race for overtaking and retirements due to the tight nature of the course. The track forces drivers to take chances as if you're stuck behind a slower car, it's extremely difficult to make up the time against the faster cars. So, if you're looking at betting odds for retirements, red flags etc; this will be different for each race.

Motor Racing Betting Markets

Constructors Championship Winner: This is the betting market that determines which company/group will be the best performing over the course of a season, a regular bet in Motor Racing sees competition on multiple levels rather than a single driver's performance. You'll often find if a team wins multiple constructors championships across a short period, they have a good chance of getting the most points and winning the Constructors Championship.

Drivers Championship Winner: Less of a focus on a team and more aligned with a single driver. For example, you may think Max Verstappen is likely to beat Lewis Hamilton over the course of a season but you may not believe that Red Bull would outperform Mercedes.

Versus Betting: When two teams/drivers are evenly matched you'll often find betting markets that include Team 1 Vs Team 2. A good example of this comes from the previously mentioned Formula 1 Drivers Championship where bettors could bet on whether or not Lewis Hamilton will finish above Verstappen at the end of the season.

Grand Prix Race Winner: The process of betting on the winner of a single race, good betting odds can be found for this market due to the likes of crashes or retirements that require a safety car, these betting options can provide fantastic value if an outsider has a chance of being the first to see the chequered flag.

Fastest Lap: One element that comes very close to the Grand Prix winner is the award of the fastest lap, found across all Motor Sports in individual races. Often won by the driver who wins a race, there are a number of variables that can see this bet won by extreme outsiders.

Podium Finish: The aspect of betting on a driver to finish in the top three on the podium. There are a lot of situations where drivers aren't able to win the race but commonly finish in the top three, George Russell is a fantastic example of this in an F1 race.

Biggest events in Motor Racing

There are Motor Racing betting opportunities across the entire year whether you're looking for SuperBikes or Car racing competitions, you'll be able to find these events across the year:

DateEventLast Winner
January 19thMonte Carlo RallyOgier & Landais - Toyota
February 6thNASCAR Cup Series StartsJoey Logano - Team Penske
February 19thDaytona 500Austin Cindric - Team Penske
March 5thFormula 1 Season StartsMax Verstappen & Red Bull
May 18th24 Hours of NürburgringPhoenix Racing
May 28thMonaco Grand PrixSergio Perez
May 28thIndianapolis 500Marcus Ericsson - Chip Ganassi
June 3rdIsle of Man TTMultiple Event Winners
June 10th24 Hours of Le MansToyota Gazoo Racing
June 25thPikes Peak Hill ClimbRobin Shute
October 5thBathurst 1000Triple Eight
December 2023Dakar RallyMultiple Event Winners

How can I place a bet on Motor Racing?

To place a bet, create an account with BetUK, add your card to your account and make a deposit. Browse the available markets for the competitions available, select your desired bet, enter your stake, and confirm the bet.

What types of Motor Racing bets are available?

You can find a variety of betting options, including race winner, podium finish, fastest lap, head-to-head matchups and more at the BetUK sportsbook. Markets will vary depending on the competition you bet on, for example, Formula One will always have different betting markets than Nascar.

Can I bet on multiple Motor Racing events at once?

Yes! If you wanted to place a double bet on two events across different competitions, you would be able to bet on both events simultaneously. You can check out our betting calculator to see how each of the individual bet types on BetUK differ and how you can place them.

What happens if there is a disqualification or a race is cancelled?

This depends on the scenario. If you placed a bet on Lewis Hamilton to win a race but due to injury he was replaced by Mercedes' back-up driver in a race, then you could have your bet refunded. If the race is temporarily postponed, bets could still go ahead when the race is rescheduled but in most cases, they would be deemed as void. Check our betting rules page at the bottom of our sportsbook for more information on a sport-by-sport basis.

Can I bet live during a Motor Racing event?

Yes, the BetUK sportsbook provides live betting options for Motor Racing. This allows you to place bets while the race is in progress, reacting to changing circumstances and odds in real-time.

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