Bellator Betting

As one of the leading competitions for mixed martial arts, Bellator brings together fighting professionals worldwide as they go head-to-head in the cage.

Originally founded in 2008, it is a relatively modern competition for fighters to enrol in, and its name has taken inspiration from the Latin word for warrior. Taking up a tournament-style format, fighters will compete in knockout matches that they must overcome to reach the final and achieve the title.

With these competitions varying in approach, so can the rules. It is important to be aware of the rules adopted by Bellator before considering any betting markets. This will improve the experience by understanding what each bet type means and how wins are achieved.

Now, with this being designed as a tournament, you might be wondering about the duration and how often fighters are expected to enter the cage, as recovery can take time. Typically, fights can be expected once per month as individuals make their way to the final. To allow for improved recovery or reduce the risk of injury, certain moves are made illegal in Bellator.

Bellator betting provides you with access to the latest markets, allowing you to follow every throw and submission whilst you browse betting odds. With that in mind, alongside bellator, MMA betting odds are also available

Before you browse the Bellator betting markets, ensure you are up-to-date with the sport and each of the fighters. This is especially true if you're new to the world of Bellator. Developing a greater understanding of the favourites and the underdog participants can be beneficial when working out which odds are the best.

More often than not, you can view previous fights online and discover each individual's record, which can provide insight into Bellator.

Bellator Betting Odds

If you're looking for the latest markets to place bets, BetUK covers outright and live betting options for each fight in Bellator. The odds for each fighter will represent the likelihood of winning or losing their upcoming fights.

Bellator Outright Betting

With outright Bellator betting, you can find odds to bet on ahead of events taking place. Below, you can find some of the most common outright options for Bellator:

Outright result - Each fight lets you bet on which fighter will win the match-up.

Win - If you've got a winner in mind, you can predict how the fighter will win the fight. For example, you could bet on whether they will win by submission, decision or knockout.

Totals - Ahead of the fight, predict the total amount of rounds that will be completed. This usually comes in the form of over/under betting as you predict whether the total will be over or under a specific amount.

Bellator Live Betting

As you follow all of the Bellator action live, betting markets will be updated to bring you the latest odds that reflect the events in each fight. Live betting for Bellator can be broad, but some of the common selections include:

Winner of a round - Bellator fights are structured by three rounds. Before each round, you can bet on a winner emerging during that period of fighting.

Live prop bets - Once the fight has started, you still have the option to bet on how the fight will be decided. For example, before round 2, you could predict that a fighter will win via submission.

Bellator Betting FAQs

Can you bet on Bellator fights?

Yes. At BetUK, you can browse all the latest betting markets for each Bellator fight that is taking place. This covers both outright and live betting odds.

How do you find the best Bellator odds?

Understanding the competition rules can help when searching for the best odds. Within this sport, you can find that each competition has varying rules, so it's important to be aware of these to find the best odds and understand how wins are achieved.

Regarding live betting, odds will be updated as the fight progresses. These will reflect the events happening, showing who is most likely to win. For example, if a fighter appears to be on the verge of being knocked out, the odds of this occurring will be lowered.

Who are the best fighters in Bellator?

Each individual aims to make their way up the rankings with victories over their opponents, which is constantly changing. Across the women's and men's competition, there is a number of names that have established themselves in Bellator, including; Cris Cyborg, Michael Page, Ryan Bader, Vadim Nemkov and more.

What are fractional and decimal odds for Bellator?

Working in the same way as traditional odds, this format makes it simple for you to calculate the potential winnings of a winning bet. To calculate, you would multiply the stake by the decimal value.

Fractional odds are very popular in the UK, with the value on the left representing the potential winning. For example, a £10.00 bet at odds of 10/1 would return £100.00. The fraction means that for every £1.00 staked, a winning bet would return £10.00.

In any case, when betting on Bellator, the potential winnings will be available on your virtual betting slip.

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