MMA Betting

BetUK's sports betting includes a bunch of the best MMA betting markets. There are plenty of different opportunities to bet on the biggest MMA events of the year. The biggest fight cards will get the red carpet treatment, and you will have plenty of different markets, including round betting and method of victory. Whether you're covering some of the biggest fighters in the sport or you're looking at upcoming professionals at the start of fight nights, BetUK has you covered.

MMA Betting Odds

With MMA being one of the fastest-growing sports in the world, MMA betting is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. BetUK has made sure you get a good choice of markets and odds to bet on that cover live and outright bets.

You can bet the Moneyline, which is the outright winner of the fight, and the fight to go the distance, along with round betting. However, if you know your rear-naked choke from your cartwheel kick, you can even bet on the method of victory: points, submission or KO/TKO.

Round betting is more specific, providing you with the option to bet on how many rounds the fight will last, along with predictions on a fighter completing a successful knockout on their opponent.

MMA Betting Tips

You can find general betting tips for events across MMA, including guides and previews. MMA betting tips cannot guarantee you a win, but many punters use them to discover the best odds across the online betting markets.

Throughout the world of MMA, there are various promotions for you to follow, and each one brings its own betting markets. However, before you start browsing the latest odds, it is worth doing your research surrounding the upcoming fights. This can include information on the career record of fighters taking part, unique fighting styles adopted by each individual and insights from professionals for their verdict on the match-up. Once again, this information can't guarantee a win when betting on MMA, but it can give you a better insight into the events.

It's also worth being aware of the varying structures that promotions adopt. They don't always apply the same rules, and fighting frequency can alternate, which is a big influence on the fitness and endurance of a fighter. Before selecting an event to bet on, ensure you are fully aware of the rules for that promotion.

MMA Betting Events

MMA is not restricted to one promotion. There are several events taking place worldwide, with some featuring bigger names than others. BetUK will be providing betting markets for the range of promotions that are getting underway. Discover all the biggest fights on the biggest events here at BetUK online sportsbook.

MMA Betting FAQs

How do MMA betting odds work?

Across the wide range of MMA events scheduled for the year, the odds will inevitably vary for each due to ranging levels of skill. Regardless, many of the betting options remain the same, allowing you to become familiar with what each offers.

Odds reflect the likelihood of a specific outcome occurring in MMA fights. This can include the chances of a fighter winning against their opponent, completing a submission, achieving a knockout and many more.

If you're considering live betting, odds are updated frequently to reflect what is happening in that fight. For example, fighter A might take a significant blow, making him more likely to lose the fight. In this scenario, Fighter B would have their odds dropped to reflect this likelihood.

How does MMA betting work?

MMA betting works in a similar way to betting on other sports. However, you will need to be aware of how MMA works to understand what some of the betting options mean.

At BetUK, you can browse our MMA online sportsbook to get an idea of the odds available to bet on.

What does over 1.5 mean in MMA?

When you see a number such as 1.5, this refers to over/under betting, which in MMA is used for predicting the total number of rounds completed in a fight. Using the example of over 1.5, a punter would be betting on the fight lasting for two rounds or more.

What is the best MMA bet?

There is no specific answer for the best MMA bet as it comes down to personal preference. Although you can do research, MMA betting is ultimately decided by chance as there are so many factors that can influence an outcome.

Popular bets on the sport include Moneyline betting, where punters predict who will win the fight. It is one of the most simple bet types available, which is part of the reason why it has become so widely selected.

What is the most popular form of MMA?

The most popular form of Mixed Martial Arts in the world is the UFC, known as the Ultimate Fighting Championship which was founded in November 1993 and has a loyal fanbase around the world.

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