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Forming a part of the PGA Tour, this competition hosts 30 of the top players who qualify over the course of the PGA Tour season, bringing a close to the PGA year. Winners of the Tour Championship are decided by the total number of strokes they have gained after playing each of the holes. The player to complete the 72-holes in the least number of strokes will achieve the top spot.

Beginning strokes makes the tournament unique, meaning that players will start with a different number of strokes based on their performances in the season so far.

The Tour Championship has undergone multiple changes over time, making adjustments to the format and qualifying process. Historically, it has been the showcase event, bringing a close to the FedEx Cup Playoffs, but it has become a slightly new model. Now, the Tour Championship is a way to decide who is crowned the winner of the Tour Championship and the FedEx Cup Champion.

Betting Odds - Tour Championship

Throughout the Tour Championship, you can find outright and in-play markets for all the action. Ranging from outright bets for players to win the tournament to in-play odds that cover specific events occurring, the Tour Championship has a great variety of options available.

Outright Betting - Tour Championship

With outright Tour Championship betting, you can make predictions ahead of the competition commencing.

Outright winner - Before the Tour Championship begins, you can predict who you believe will be the overall winner by the end of the competition. Starting strokes are included on the leaderboard, which is worth considering before making your prediction.

Outright winner (Excluding starting strokes) - If you want to bet on the outright winner as you would in other competitions, there is typically an option to make this selection with the starting strokes excluded.

Handicap Betting - Although there is a form of handicap added during the competition, you can still select handicap bets to improve the odds in scenarios where someone is a likely favourite.

In-play Betting - Tour Championship

Betting live in-play is often preferred by punters, offering the chance to preview how players are performing before making predictions. In-play betting options also provide a great variety as the events can get more specific.

Betting on each hole - As you follow each golfer, you can bet on the number of strokes they will hit in the upcoming hole. For example, you can predict whether they will hit a par, birdie and above par etc.

Betting on the Tour Championship

At Bet UK, you can find all the latest Golf betting odds for the Tour Championship via our online betting markets. Outright and in-play markets are available to make predictions ahead of the action or live as you follow each play.

Tour Championship Betting FAQs

What Tour Championship Betting Tips are available?

Starting strokes are the unique feature of the Tour Championship, and it is certainly something to consider before selecting bets such as the outright winner. Top players will start ahead of rivals with fewer strokes to their name.

If you're considering in-play betting, accounting for factors such as weather could influence the outcomes of some players' games. For example, there could be individuals who struggle to play the course during windy conditions, potentially making them less favourable to win.

Throughout the competition, following the progress and performances of each golfer can help you to find the best odds across the markets.

How do you find the best Tour Championship betting odds?

As the tournament progresses, the Tour Championship betting odds will be updated to reflect the likelihood of outcomes occurring. For example, you can bet on the outright winner after the Tour Championship has started, but the odds will frequently update to signal who is most likely to be the champion.

Following the action and keeping track of the latest betting markets can help you to discover the best odds before they are updated.

How do players qualify for the Tour Championship?

Qualification is decided by selecting the top 30 players via accumulated points during the FedEx Cup. This also plays a part in the strokes gained at the beginning of the tournament.

Where is the Tour Championship hosted?

Over the years, the Tour Championship has changed locations, with some venues including; East Lake Golf Club, Champions Golf Club and Southern Hills Country Club.

What is the BMW Championship?

The BMW Championship is simply another name for the Tour Championship. Both are the same competition, the only difference being the sponsor's name incorporated into the title.

Who has won the most Tour Championship titles?

Since the beginning of the competition, Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy have become the most decorated, having won the FedEx Cup title several times.

Who won the 2022 Tour Championship?

Rory Mcilroy won the 2022 Tour Championship as part of the PGA tour, winning the event as East Lake Golf Club with -21 par getting -4 in the final round, meaning Rory Mcilroy will be the defending champion for the 2023 Tour Championship.

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