The Memorial Betting

Forming one of the PGA tour tournaments, the Memorial is a prestigious competition for golfers to be included in. Jack Nicklaus founded the tournament to remember former players who had an incredible influence on the game and have since passed away.

Some of the best golfers from across the world participate in the Memorial tournament, making it a great watch for any fans of the sport. Over the years, names such as Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and Justin Rose have all been involved and gone on to become champions.

This is now a well-established competition, having started in 1976. In total, 120 players are participating, but to qualify, they will need to match one of the criteria that are listed. This can include previous winners from recent years, as well as champions from other PGA tournaments.

The Memorial Betting Markets

For the Memorial tournament, you can find outright and live betting odds via our online sportsbook. If you're new to the tournament, make sure you understand the format and rules of the competition to get a better idea of what the odds mean.

The Memorial Outright Betting Odds

Outright betting markets give you the option to bet on the Memorial in advance of the player's teeing off. This can include betting on:

Outright winner - Correctly predict which player will win the competition. After the tournament has started, you still have the option to make this bet, but the odds will be updated as it will be more clear who the favourites are.

The Memorial Live Betting Odds

The Memorial lasts a week, with the tournament starting on a Monday and closing on Sunday. During this period, you can follow each golfer live and find the latest odds updated on the markets with every swing they take. Live bets can be wide-ranging, but one of the most common includes:

Betting on each hole - For every hole played, you can bet on how many strokes you believe the player will need to complete it.

Finding the latest Memorial betting odds

You can get the latest Golf betting odds for the Memorial tournament via our online sportsbook, providing you with outright and live markets. For each day the tournament is played, you will find different betting options to select from.

Memorial Betting FAQs

What are the best Memorial tournament betting tips?

Memorial tournament tips can't guarantee that you will win with betting, but they can be used to understand the odds better. For example, if you're new to the tournament, there is a good chance you aren't familiar with the structure and rules, which can help when viewing the markets.

It's also valuable to understand who the favourites are and their form going into the tournament, so make sure you've done your research before selecting a bet on a player that has recently struggled to get from tee to green.

You can also get an idea of where individuals' strengths lie. Is their short game good around the green, or do they rely on their driving accuracy when ball striking? This can impact the number of strokes gained if they aren't suited for the course.

Closer to the tournament starting, you can get an idea of how the weather looks. This can impact players' performances significantly, with wind altering the ball's direction. Weather conditions affect some players more than others, with elite players learning to play in less desirable settings.

Where does The Memorial take place?

Each year, the Memorial tournament is hosted in Dublin, Ohio. The golf course can be found at the Muirfield Village Golf Club.

When was the first Memorial tournament?

The first Memorial tournament was hosted in 1976, which Roger Maltbie won.

Who is the most successful in the Memorial tournament?

Since the beginning of this major championship, Tiger Woods has become the most decorated golfer. From 1999 until 2001, he won the Memorial tournament for three consecutive years.

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