Presidents Cup Betting Odds

As an independent competition, the Presidents Cup includes two teams of golfers, with one representing the USA, and the other including the Rest of the World. For the International side, Europe is not included.

Taking place every other year, the Presidents Cup sees 12 players from either side coming together to compete for the title. These players will feature in doubles, and singles matches as they aim to earn the most points for their team.

In total, there are 30 matches included in the Presidents Cup, which will take place over a period of four days. Of these 30 matches, there are 12 singles and 18 sets of four-ball or foursomes matches, similar to the Ryder Cup.

If successful in their individual matches, the players can earn their team a point with a win. Come to the end of the competition, the team with the most points will be awarded the Presidents Cup.

By way of selection, each team will be assigned their Captains, who are responsible for team selection and organising who will feature in certain match-ups. Through the selection process, the Captains will pick 12 players to be included in their team.

Consider following the team selection news ahead of the competition to get a greater understanding of who could be the likely favourites. Given their historical dominance, the USA will be the likely favourites against the International team.

Presidents Cup Betting Odds

Over the course of the Presidents Cup, you can discover odds for outright and in-play markets. As this a team-based competition, the betting options can vary compared to other competitions, allowing you to bet on doubles matches too.

Outright Betting Odds

Before the Presidents Cup gets underway, you can browse the outright [betting odds](/ to make predictions ahead of the action.

Team to Win Outright - Bet on whether you believe team USA or the Rest of the World will win the competition.

Singles matches - For each singles game that is played, you can bet on which player will come out on top.

Doubles matches - You can also make predictions on which team will win in doubles match-ups.

Top points scorer - Ahead of the competition, you can predict which golfer will achieve the top score by the end.

Totals - Predict whether certain teams or players will score over or under a set amount of points.

Captain Odds - Before the Captains have been selected for each team, markets can allow you to bet on which individual will be picked.

In-play Betting Odds

As both teams battle it out for the Presidents Cup, you can place live in-play bets as each match-up takes place.

Betting on each hole - Throughout the tournament, players will compete on 18-hole courses. For each hole, you can consider in-play bets that will allow you to predict what they will score.

Winner - Even when the match has started, you still have the chance to bet on who you believe will win. Some prefer this approach as it allows you to see how the individual or duo performs before considering a bet.

Presidents Cup Betting FAQs

How do you find the best Presidents Cup betting odds?

For Presidents Cup betting tips, keeping track of the performances and news surrounding the Cup can help you to make more informed decisions before making your betting decision.

The odds are likely to be updated throughout the Presidents Cup to ensure that they reflect the likelihood of events occurring. This can help you to find the best bets when browsing the latest betting markets.

Who is the most successful team in history?

Since the Presidents Cup started in 1994, the United States team has become the most successful by a distance, showcasing their talent throughout the team.

Over the years, the American team has featured star players such as Tiger Woods, Justin Thomas, Jack Nicklaus and Captain Davis Love III.

Where is the Presidents Cup hosted?

For every Cup, the location in which it is held will alternate between the United States and a country represented by a member of the International team. Some of the recent venues to host include; Quail Hollow Club for the 2022 Presidents Cup, Royal Melbourne Golf Club for 2021 and Liberty National Golf Club for the 2017 cup.

What is an alternate shot?

Alternate shot is another term used for foursome matches. This is where two pairs match up against each on an 18-hole course.

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