Gaelic Sports Betting

Although Gaelic Sports were created in Ireland, they are popular around the world. Many people will be familiar with Gaelic Football but many may not be aware that we also accept bets on Gaelic Hurling, Handball and Rounders. All of these competitions are organised by the Gaelic Athletic Association and are played across men and women genders. What may come as a surprise to many is that Gaelic games are Ireland's most popular sports with Rugby Union and Football sitting in second and third place.

Betting on Gaelic Football

Gaelic Football is a little different to the regular game of Rugby with teams of up to fifteen players, playing on a rectangular grass pitch, aiming to score over the H shaped goals that you'll likely be familiar with. However, to score, you need to drive and push the ball into the goal, which will give you three points. An alternative method of goal scoring is kicking the ball over the bar, which would provide players with one point. The women's version of the game has a few minor changes. Meanwhile, when being played in different countries, bettors may find less players on teams with as low as 7 players needed on each side.

Betting on Gaelic Hurling

Gaelic Hurling is a popular sport in Ireland played with a stick and a ball on a field with H-shaped goals at each end, similar to Gaelic Football. The point system of the game is also very similar with players scoring three points for driving the ball between the posts and 1 point for hitting the ball above the goal, it is a game that combines skills from Lacrosse, Field Hockey and Baseball in a unique game with a high skill level. The game has small differences between gender and by country.

Betting on Gaelic Handball

Similar to the American version of Handball, Gaelic Handball can be played in 4 formats, the Big Alley which is 60x30, Small Alley which is 40x20, 1-Wall and Hardball which is played on a Softball court. This is played in over thirty countries.

Betting on other Gaelic Sports

Rounders is the only other Gaelic Sport that is regularly played in Ireland, there is a similar version played in the UK and follows the format as American Softball. Meaning you'll find similar betting markets for these sports. Gaelic Athletics has pretty completely died out since 1922.

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