Futsal Betting Odds

What is Futsal?

Futsal is a very interesting sport that fans of the traditional game of football may like! Futsal itself is a variant of football played on an indoor court, significantly small than a standard football pitch. This typically provides a higher-tempo game where skilful players are more important that what they are in a football game. It is because of this that the sport is particularly popular in countries where you would expect to find what football fans refer to as flair players.

The game is played with five players on each team, four outfield players and one goalkeeper, meaning that on a smaller field, a lot of movement is required to find space and beat your opponents. The sport is officially recognised by the international governing body for Football - FIFA, which has led to the sports popularity skyrocketing around the world, comparisons can be made between Futsal and the hobby of five-a-side football in the UK. However, Futsal tends to require a significantly higher skill level, making it popular in the likes of Portugal, Spain and Brazil.

Futsal Betting Markets

If you're looking to place a bet on Futsal, you'll need to know the wide range of Futsal betting markets that are available for bettors for an individual match and for a tournament.

Match Result: Betting on a team to win in Futsal is similar to in football, if you believe Brazil are likely to beat their opponent at the FIFA Futsal World Cup, a match result bet is the easiest way to place this bet. Choose between a team 1 win, a team 2 win or a draw.

Over/Under Goals: The over/under goals market is a lot different to what you'll find with other sports, in a highly contested game, you'll likely see scorelines of 2-1, 3-2 etc; where the scoring is relatively low. However, in games where there is a gulf in quality, you can see massive scorelines. For example, in the 2021 Futsal World Cup, Argentina beat the United States 11-0, Iran went on to beat the USA 4-2 but Argentina only scraped a 2-1 victory over Iran in the third game, if you get it right, you're going to have better payouts than in football but if you get it wrong, you could find your bet is over in a matter of minutes.

Asian Handicap: If we take the Argentina Vs United States game mentioned above, this is a key area of interest for Asian Handicap bettors, this is the process of giving a team an advantage or disadvantage in a game to achieve higher odds. In normal football, a -1.5 would suffice when it comes to handicap bets. However, in Futsal, you could place a handicap of -4.5 and still comfortably win a match in some cases.

Goals Markets: One of the most popular bets in football is the both teams to score market, with the number of times a player is kicking the ball and scoring a goal in Futsal, this market has become fairly irrelevant, the odds of both teams scoring is usually massively low. However, if you correctly predict a team failing to score in a game, it could provide you with higher payouts.

You can also bet on goals markets such as the margin of victory and the total number of goals scored in a period or game.

Biggest Futsal Competitions for betting

If you're looking to bet on a Futsal match, your best chance of doing so is by checking out national leagues and worldwide tournaments. Here are some of the biggest competitions where you'll find Futsal betting markets:

FIFA Futsal World Cup: The most prestigious prize in all of Futsal is the Futsal World Cup, similarly to football's World Cup, it takes place every four years and features teams from around the world looking to take the biggest price in indoor football.

Confederation Championships: Across the world, nations are split into confederations and face off against teams in the same confederation to be champions of the continent. The AFC features national teams from Asia, UEFA features national teams from Europe and the Copa America features national teams from South America,

UEFA Champions League: Sounds familiar? Futsal works in the same way as football, organised as an elite club competition in Europe, this competition has matches between the very best clubs in the European leagues.

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