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Community Shield Betting

Formerly known as the ‘Charity Shield’, the Community Shield is a game that takes place annually at Wembley before the opening weekend of the Premier League season. Contested between the winners of the league itself and the FA Cup, it was first played in 1908 and is organised by the Football Association (FA), with the proceeds from the game distributed to charitable organisations around England. This game is commonly viewed as the start of the season when it comes to football betting as the first game of the year, it is highly anticipated every year but when it comes down to calculating major trophies, controversy appears in discussions regarding this major event. Considering what teams need to achieve to make it to the event, it should be regarded as one of the biggest trophies in the UK. However, as it's just one game at the start of the season, it's viewed as a betting highlight and a friendly rather than a credible tournament.

2022 Community Shield Betting

The 2022 FA Community Shield will be the 100th trophy in its history. However, for the first time in ten years, the competition will be hosted away from Wembley Stadium and will take place at the King Power Stadium. Last season, Leicester City won the Community Shield but will not take part in the 2022 competition after failing to win either the Premier League or FA Cup last season. The reason this years competition has been moved as it now conflicts with the UEFA Women's Euro 2022 Final. The 2022 rendition of the tournament sees Liverpool take on Manchester City in a game that defines the domination the two teams have had in English football in recent years. Manchester City qualified by winning the Premier League, our Premier League betting odds also indicate that they'll do the same this year. Meanwhile, Liverpool qualified by beating Chelsea in the final of the FA Cup on penalties.

Community Shield Betting Markets

Similar to most football betting events, you can find a wide range of betting markets for the Community Shield, these bets are split up into outright and match bets. Outright bets take the full game into consideration, so these games will more than likely include the winner of the match and the team who will collect the trophy at the end of the game. Meanwhile, match betting odds are closer to the betting surrounding what goes on during the game, for example, if you're betting on individual players to score goals, cards to be handed out and more, this would be a match bet rather than an outright bet.

Previous Community Shield Winners

Year Match Teams Winner
2022 Liverpool Vs Manchester City Liverpool
2021 Leicester City Vs Manchester City Leicester City
2020 Arsenal vs Liverpool Arsenal (via penalties)
2019 Manchester City vs Liverpool Manchester City (via penalties)
2018 Manchester City vs Chelsea Manchester City
2017 Arsenal vs Chelsea Arsenal (via penalties)
2016 Manchester United vs Leicester City Manchester United
2015 Arsenal vs Chelsea Arsenal
2014 Arsenal vs Manchester City Arsenal
2013 Manchester United vs Wigan Athletic Manchester United
2012 Manchester City vs Chelsea Manchester City
2011 Manchester United vs Manchester City Manchester United

Community Shield FAQs

Q. What channel is the Community Shield on?

A. ITV have an exclusive TV deal for the English Community Shield, meaning that every year the game will be viewable on ITV until the contract ends.

Q. What is the Community Shield?

A. The original ideology of the Community Shield is that it would define the best team in England of that year, the winner of the National Cup (now known as the FA Cup) would face the winner of the First Division (now known as the Premier League) to determine the best team of that year. In the modern day, the meaning behind the competition has slightly changed with very few voyeurs believing that.

Q. Who played in the Community Shield?

A. In 2022, the two teams that played in the Community Shield are Liverpool and Manchester City.

Q. Who has won the Community Shield the most?

A. Manchester United have won the most Community Shields with 21 victories in 30 appearances, this is five more than the second highest-ranking team Arsenal with 16.

Team Number of Wins Last Win
Manchester United 21 2016
Arsenal 16 2020
Liverpool 16 2022
Everton 9 1995
Tottenham Hotspur 7 1991
Manchester City 6 2019
Chelsea 4 2009
English Professionals XI 4 1929
Wolverhampton Wanderers 4 1960

Q. Which team has the best record in the Community Shield?

A. Everton are the team that have the best record when it comes down to the Community Shield. Out of all teams that have participated in more than two tournaments they have a 81% win rate with 9 wins in 11 matches. Brighton & Hove Albion, Huddersfield Town, Cardiff City, Bolton Wanderers and Derby County are the teams that have won their only Community Shield match and have a 100% win rate.

Q. Which team has the worst record in the Community Shield?

A. Newcastle United have the worst success rate in the Community Shield, since winning their first match in 1909, which was only the second rendition of the tournament, they have lost five in a row, giving them a success rate of 16.66%. QPR and Ipswich Town are the two teams who have participated in the Community Shield twice and lost on both occasions. Newcastle's 5 defeats in a row was the worst run in the history of the competition before Chelsea's 2-0 defeat to Manchester City in 2018, which is their 5th defeat in a row. As Chelsea won their 2009 fixture on penalties, it is technically eight Community Shield matches since they won a game.

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