Curling Betting

Curling is a sport where sports betting isn't quite at the forefront of the sport. Unlike the likes of Football and Horse Racing, where betting is regularly associated with the sport, betting is a little more irregular on Curling matches. However, there are two stages where betting on Curling becomes relatively popular, the first of which is the Olympic games where the best players involved in each country go head-to-head for gold, silver and bronze medals. The second is during the World Curling Championships, the bets for the event come in two forms both outright and live in-play. The average game of Championship Curling is approximately 180 minutes, meaning there is plenty of time during a Curling match for live betting. In regards to betting markets, the number of markets is quite low, meaning a large number of Curling bets will be quite similar.

What is Curling?

Curling is commonly referred to as 'Chess on Ice' and Curling enthusiasts will be happy with the nickname as it demonstrates the discipline, tactical nuance and skill needed to win the game. To start, both teams will slide "stones" across the ice rink towards a marked bullseye, the aim of the game is to accumulate the highest score by landing your stones closer to the bullseye than your opponent. However, you can strategically push your opponents stones away from the Bullseye by hitting them.

Best Curling Betting Markets

To define which Curling betting markets are the best, we need to look at the Curling odds and find what bet gives you the best value for money. In our opinion, there are two that stand out, the first is the over/under points option, in this scenario, you'll have events set-up by the World Curling Federation between teams in leagues, federations or cup competitions. These games are put together based on skill, so it's rare you'll get a game that is an absolute whitewash, particularly in the latter stages, so betting on the over/under points tally is smart. These will often give you good odds because a good game can just as easily end 3-2 as it could 11-9, so the option for these scores have to be open.

The second option that we like is asian handicap betting, with this in mind, you will find certain games that look like a one-sided game on paper, so you can bet on a certain player to win by 3.5 more points or even 5.5 more points depending on how different they look in regards to quality. This particular market is popular during the Winter Olympics which inspired many around the world to play Curling for the first time. If you're looking for the most competitive odds in Curling whether it's in the Olympic program or a World Championship, Asian handicap betting offers good opportunities both at the start of the game or when doing in play betting.

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