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Here at Bet UK, you can find BBL betting odds across the season, for every single game. Whether you’re looking to place basketball bets on your favourite team, back the eventual winners of the campaign, or predict the outcome of upcoming BBL matches, you can place bets on desktop, mobile, or tablet, in our sports betting markets.

History of the BBL

The British Basketball League was established in 1987, with some of the top teams in both England and Scotland breaking away to form a new league. Portsmouth were the first winners in 1988, but a season later they would be wound up amid financial uncertainty.

A common and unfortunate theme for the league, plenty of clubs have seen short-term success before dropping out of the competition entirely, although increased popularity and commercial partnerships since the turn of the millennium have helped to grow the league into a more stable competition.

BBL Teams

The 10 current teams in the BBL are as follows:

  • Bristol Flyers
  • Caledonia Gladiators (Formerly Glasgow Rocks)
  • Cheshire Phoenix
  • Leicester Riders
  • London Lions
  • Manchester Giants
  • Newcastle Eagles
  • Plymouth City Patriots
  • Sheffield Sharks
  • Surrey Scorchers

You'll be able to find betting markets for all 180 BBL matches on BBL betting sites such as BetUK. BBL games might not be the most popular in the sports betting world but the British Basketball League is still one of the top Basketball leagues in the world and the top basketball competition in the UK.

BBL Betting Markets

Much like other basketball betting, BBL markets cover the likes of pre-game bets, in-play bets, and outright bets. For example, you can bet on which team is going to win a single matchup, whether the total points scored in a game will be over or under a given figure, and whether or not a particular team will make the playoffs, or win any of the silverware available across the season.

The main BBL betting markets are regarding the result of a BBL game, these are referred to as line betting where you bet on the winner of a single match. The second is the MVP betting market, this is the area of BBL betting that focuses on individual players in a match. You can check who the most likely MVP will be by checking the British Basketball League statistics page to find which BBL team are likely to perform best during the regular season and who will be the MVP for the match winner.

BBL Format

The BBL consists of three different tournaments each year, the BBL Trophy, the BBL Cup, and the Championship itself - a league format followed by playoffs to determine the overall winner of the BBL. Over the years, there have been spells of dominance for different teams, with the Newcastle Eagles as the most successful team in history, but the likes of the Leicester Riders having a resurgence in recent years.

BBL Championship & Playoffs

The BBL Championship sees each team compete against one another four times (two home, two away) in a round-robin structure. The league takes place from September to April each year, with games from the other tournaments interspersed along the way. Match rules differ slightly from other basketball leagues such as the NBA, with quarters lasting 10 minutes, but overtime is still used to separate two teams in the event of a tie.

A win is worth two points, with head-to-head records used to determine league positions if two teams are level on points. After the Championship comes to an end, the playoffs begin between the top eight sides in a knockout two-game series format. The BBL Grand Final is then held at the at the end of the post-season to decide the BBL Champions.

Previous BBL Winners

2023London Lions
2022Leicester Riders
2021Newcastle Eagles
2020None - Season cancelled
2019Leicester Riders
2018Leicester Riders


The BBL Cup was set up in 2003 after failed discussions with the English Basketball Association led to the BBL withdrawing its teams from the original National Cup tournament. The reigning champions are Leicester, but the most successful team in the competition’s history are the Eagles.

The Cup consists of multiple knockout rounds of single-legged ties, where some teams may be awarded byes into later rounds, with the final taking place in January. This event usually happens in Birmingham, and is often broadcast live in the UK.

Past BBL Cup Winners

2023London Lions
2022Leicester Riders
2021Newcastle Eagles
2020Worcester Wolves
2019London Lions
2018Cheshire Phoenix

BBL Trophy

Taking over from the pre-existing Anglo-Scottish Cup upon the BBL’s formation in 1987, the Trophy has historically consisted of a group stage followed by knockout rounds. However, in recent years, the competition has evolved to be fully knockout, with no seeding. In order to make up the numbers as required, BBL clubs are joined by sides from lower divisions upon invitation.

Previous BBL Trophy Champions

2023Caledonia Gladiators
2022Cheshire Phoenix
2021London Lions
2020Newcastle Eagles
2019London City Royals
2018Leicester Riders

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BBL Betting FAQs

What Does BBL Stand For?

In basketball, the BBL is the British Basketball League, featuring teams across the country. Not to be confused with the Big Bash League in cricket.

How Many Teams Play in the BBL?

For the 2023/24 season, 10 teams will play in the BBL. These include the Newcastle Eagles, Leicester Riders, and London Lions, among other title hopefuls.

What Are My British Basketball League Betting Options?

When it comes to betting odds for the BBL, you can find markets covering total points, moneyline, spread, and futures. However, it’s rare to see player prop bets, unfortunately.

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