American Football Betting

American Football betting at Bet UK is the perfect place to hone your bets, back your predictions and win big during every gameweek of the season. From NFL betting to the NCAAF and CFL, Bet UK is here to bring you all the latest American Football odds, tips and special offers.

Our detailed sportsbook means betting on American Football has never been easier. You can wager on multiple bets at once, bet on your favourite teams and players, access live NFL odds and trigger bet boosts.

The beauty of American Football betting is that it never stops. Once the season is over, focus turns to the NFL draft betting and then onto the pre-season games! As before you know it, February comes around and it’s time to bet on Super Bowl odds once more.

How to bet on American Football

American Football betting is one of the more straightforward sports to place wagers on. Unlike football where draws complicate the match result market, in American Football teams play until there’s a winner. It means there are only two variables to choose from when betting on the game, rather than three.

Another great aspect about American Football betting is the amount of individual events you can wager on within one game. Here at Bet UK we offer extensive American Football odds on everything from who wins the coin toss, who scores the first touchdown, how many yards a player will make, and how many points a team will score.

No matter your decision, the way to place an American Football bet is always the same. First make sure you’ve signed into your Bet UK profile, or sign up for an account today. Then, head over to our American Football odds page, select the game or event you want to follow, and pick the outcome you plan to back. For example, you choose to bet on the Patriots to beat the Rams at odds of 2/1. Once you click on the odds, the bet slip will pop up and you can enter your stake. Check the risk and potential reward, and hit Place Bet to complete the wager.

Any bets that win will automatically be credited to your account. And with many live bets you can cash out early if you like!

Bet on American Football

Football may be the most popular sport in the world, but the American’s have a completely different game with the title. They refer to the sport of Football as Soccer and their own game as American Football. If you’re unfamiliar with the sport, the closest alternative in the UK would be Rugby. However, the rules behind the game are a little different, particularly if you’re looking to place a bet on the sport. American Football is America’s biggest sport to bet on alongside Basketball betting, and the main event of the American Football calendar is the Superbowl. If you're looking for Super Bowl betting tips, be sure to check out our blog every February.

Best American Football bets

Most American Football betting fans focus on the NFL and it’s fair to say the usual suspects are where the majority of wagers gravitate towards. This means betting on the Patriots, the Chiefs, the Eagles and the 49ers, etc.

Of course, it’s all good and well backing the big boys. But the beauty of American Football is the draft system makes it possible for teams to forge a good season from nowhere. Betting on the underdogs in the early rounds of the season isn’t such a bad idea.

The most popular bets in American Football are:

  • Game winner – A wager on who will win the game, which includes overtime
  • Handicap – Bet on a team to win or lose with a points handicap. You can read more about American Football handicap betting below
  • Parlays – Another term for a combination bet, use Bet UK’s parlay model to bet on multiple outcomes under one wager, and inflate your odds
  • First touchdown – A popular bet for NFL live betting fans, this is simply a bet on which player or team will score the first touchdown of the game

American Football Betting: NFL

NFL betting is where most Bet UK players gravitate towards if they’re interested in American Football. It’s here that the superstar players are on show every week, and where the big drama takes place.

Bet UK offers thousands of NFL betting odds throughout the season, ranging from minute, live bets all the way through to who will win the Super Bowl. On top of this, you can use the Bet Builder to forge your own unique wagers, and trigger special offers throughout the season.

American Football betting tips

There isn’t exactly a shortage of American Football betting tips out there, so we’re not going to offer you any “expert” opinion here. But some smart tips to be aware of when betting on American Football include:

  • Do your research – Make sure you know the bet type you’re backing and the teams involved, and why the odds NFL teams are priced at are the level they are
  • Test your risk – You can see how much profit you stand to make from a bet when entering a stake amount in the bet slip. Make sure to change your proposed stake and consider how much you’re willing to risk for the reward, before hitting Place Bet
  • Follow the sport – Part of research is immersing yourself in the sport. So, if you don’t already, become a fan of American Football and learn the game inside out!
  • Forget loyalty – Most of us has a team we support but betting on your team isn’t always a good idea. Remember to bet with your head, not your heart
  • Get support – If you need support when betting then be sure to contact us or read more on safer gambling

American Football Betting: NCAAF

Betting on college football is also available with Bet UK! You can wager on 10 NCAAF leagues, covering more than 130 college teams. Bet on big games like the Orange Bowl, the Rose Bowl and the Peach Bowl. Wager on players, teams and everything in between, and look at what the NFL’s future stars are up to right now!

American Football Betting: CFL

American Football in Canada is big business, even if the sport may not be as global as the NFL. Indeed, many NFL fans love to follow the action north of the border because of the CFL betting opportunities. There is less scrutiny on this league, but just as good an opportunity to win big.

Of course, we recommend you research the CFL before placing wagers, just as you would with any other sport or league!

American Football Draft bets

You can bet on NFL draft every year with Bet UK, and back future prospects to take the NFL world by storm. See the list towards the end of the regular season and pick who you think will top the draft. NFL draft betting is fraught with speculation and fluctuations in the odds can happen regularly.

American Football: Super Bowl betting

Of course, everything in an NFL season leads up to the big one, and Super Bowl betting is available at Bet UK each season. This is where the bets get crazy. Not only can you bet on the Super Bowl winner, but you can also place wagers on the halftime show, the coin toss, the first and last points scored, and the MVP.

American Football handicap bets

Punters love to use the handicap markets in American Football because it means you bet on the score, and not the teams. And this is important if, for example, the Lions are priced very short to beat the Cowboys.

In American Football handicap betting, you effectively wager on a team winning from a losing start. For example, you bet on the Lions to beat the Cowboys but with a -7.5 points start. It means the Lions must win by eight points or more for you to win the bet.

Likewise, you might bet on the Bears to beat the Seahawks with a +5.5 points advantage. This means the Bears can either win or lose by as many as five points and you’ll win your wager.

American Football handicap bets are perfect if you think one team will crush another, or if you want to wager on an underdog at a good price.

American Football Markets

To place a bet on the NFL or any American Football matches, you must first be aware of the betting markets available on Bet UK. Here are a list of the bets available to our bettors.

- Winner Bet: Bet on who will win the match.

- Handicap: Bet on whether a team will win with a small advantage/disadvantage.

- Total Points: Bet on how many points will be scored during the game.

- Parlays: A combination of bets specific to American Football.

- First Half: Bet on what will happen in the first half of the game.

- Quarter Bet: Bet on what will happen in each of the four quarters of the game.

- Touchdown Bets: Bet on the number of touchdowns there will be in a game and who will earn those touchdowns.

- player specific: Bets that are based on players receiving, passing and rushing.

Superbowl stats to help you bet

- The most successful team in the league is the New England Patriots, who have won the Superbowl on six different occasions and made the Superbowl a record 11 times. They have the most Superbowl wins and losses alongside the Pittsburgh Steelers (as winners) and the Denver Broncos (as losers).

- Only four teams have failed to reach a Superbowl in their history: Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, Detroit Lions and the Cleveland Browns.

- Four teams also have a 100% record in the Superbowl; these teams are: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (who famously won in 2020), New Orleans Saints, New York Jets and the Baltimore Ravens.

- There is typically only one tie per season in the NFL, so we recommend avoiding tie bets.

- In the American Football Conference, The Kansas City Chiefs have won the most conference games in the last three seasons (38/48), second are the Baltimore Ravens (35/48)

- In the National Football Conference, The New Orleans Saints have won the most conference games in the last three seasons (38/48), second are the Seattle Seahawks (33/48)

- Despite winning the 2020 Superbowl, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers haven’t won their division since 2007.

- Five of the last seven Superbowl winners have come from the AFC.

American Football Terminology

Down - When the play is ruled as dead, and the play is completed. The offence gets four downs to advance the ball ten or more yards. Failing to do so will lead to the offence surrendering the ball.

End Zone - The 10-yard-long area at each end of the field. If players enter the end zone with complete control of the Football, they will score a touchdown. Alternatively, being tackled in your team’s end zone while in possession of the ball will lead to the other team receiving a safety.

Field Goal - Similarly to betting on tries in Rugby Union, this is a kicking goal worth three points.

Fumble - When a player loses possession while running with the ball or being tackled. A fumble that is picked up by the defending team is called a Turnover.

Handoff - When the quarterback hands the ball to another player, setting him off for a running play.

Huddle - When the 11 players on the field come together to discuss strategy on the field.

Incompletion - When a forward pass falls to the ground and isn’t caught by the receiver or is caught out of bounds.

Interception - A forward pass caught by the defensive player, this ends the offences spell of possession.

Red Zone The 20-yard line to the opponent’s goal line.

Sack - When a defensive player tackles the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage, subsequently causing a loss of yardage.

Touchdown - A score worth six points occurs when a player in possession of the ball enters the opponent’s goal line, when a player catches the ball in the opponent’s red zone or when the ball is recovered in the opponent’s end zone.

Most popular American Sports for betting

Alongside American Football and the NFL, there is one sport that reigns supreme when it comes to the popularity of online betting markets and that is Basketball. Basketball is popular around the world but with the NBA, the USA has the highest proportion of basketball bettors in the world. Two other betting markets that are particularly popular in the US are eSports betting markets and Ice Hockey betting. Ice Hockey is another sport that is played more in North America than in Europe, with the National Hockey League taking centrestage across a number of US states and Canada. The perhaps surprisingly element comes from eSports betting, which is one of the fastest rising betting markets in the world today but still has a long way to go before reaching the popularity of American Football.

American Football FAQs

Want to know more about American Football bets? Here are some answers to our FAQs…

Q. How does American Football betting work?

American Football betting works in exactly the same way as any other sports bet. Simply find the outcome and odds you want to back, enter your stake and place your bet. If you win, your payout will be relative to the stake you placed and the odds you backed.

Q. What does money line mean in American Football betting?

Money line in American Football betting is another way of saying the match result. If you bet on one team to beat another in the NFL, you’ve bet on the money line.

Q. Can I bet on NFL MVP?

Yes. It is possible to bet on NFL MVP winners each year. Whether this be the regular season MVP or the Super Bowl MVP, you can do it all right here at Bet UK.