Super Bowl Odds - Betting on the NFL’s Biggest Prize

When it comes to online sports betting for Super Bowl markets, BetUK offers an extensive selection of options. As a major showpiece event in America, there’s considerable interest in placing wagers on how the game will unfold, and UK Super Bowl fans are no strangers to this either, given the popularity of the NFL worldwide. So, whether you’re looking for Super Bowl 2024 betting tips and previews, or if you’re just interested in the markets available every year, you’ll find it all in our dedicated betting section for the highlight of the American Football season.

How to Bet on the Super Bowl

Placing a bet follows the same process for most sports. You make a prediction about what you think will happen during a game or event, and then you select that option in the markets and add it to your betting slip. At BetUK, you can do this at the click of a button, and can combine different bets in some instances to create an accumulator if you wish. In order to make sure you’re betting on the right thing, however, it’s important to understand the different [betting markets available for the NFL](/betting/american-football/nfl), and for this final playoff game specifically.

Super Bowl Betting Markets

The available markets are generally very similar to those available for regular season NFL games, in that you can select who you think will win, how many points will be scored, what the margin of victory will be, and how individual players will perform. That said, the NFL championship game also offers some unique betting options and more intricate markets, given its global popularity.

Super Bowl Moneyline Betting

The moneyline refers specifically to the winner betting market, and refers to the odds for each team to come out victorious, with one team often being a favourite to win. In US sports such as American Football, games are generally designed to avoid ties, making the moneyline a simple betting option. The moneyline is reactive, meaning the odds can fluctuate in the buildup to the game, based on new information or betting patterns forming. So, if you think Team A will beat Team B, it’s worth keeping an eye out to see if the value of that bet increases or decreases.

Super Bowl Spread Betting

Spread betting is a name for the handicap on points between two teams in NFL games and other US sports, with the figure represented as a minus for the favourites, and a plus for the underdogs. In regular season games, this figure can be quite large, as the comparative scale between two teams may be significant, if the top performers in the league take on the strugglers, for example. However, in the Super Bowl, this margin will usually be a lot smaller, as the two teams will be closely matched, given that they both will have one their respective Conference.

Super Bowl Over/Under Betting

The over/under market covers the total points scored either in the game overall, or by an individual team. The odds are set based on the most likely outcome for the game in the eyes of the bookmakers, with better odds available the further away from that baseline you get. Predictions are made on whether or not a team or teams will exceed or fall short of a proposed figure, for example, a bet on ‘total game points over 49.5’ would require at least 50 points being score combined to pay out.

Super Bowl Prop Bets

Prop bets are any markets that sit outside of the game bets covered by moneyline, spread, and over/under. They are usually split up into team prop bets and player prop bets, although there are also novelty markets that relate to events outside of the game statistics. Number of touchdowns, rushing yards, passing yards, and receiving yards are some of the most common prop bets, although you can also bet on the Super Bowl MVP, who will score the most points from kicking, and even who will win the coin toss at the start of the game.

Super Bowl Novelty Bets

Novelties are another form of prop betting for the NFL final, and sit outside of the usual game metrics. Some of the most popular include betting on the length of the halftime show, the length of the pre-game singing of the national anthem, and the colour of the gatorade used to shower the winning coach.

Super Bowl 2024 Betting

Specifically for the 2024 Super Bowl, your betting options will be split between the two competing teams, namely the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs, and their associated players. All of the markets detailed above are available to bet on for Super Bowl LVII, so if you have a hunch about who will win, want to listen to your head or your heart, you can place your bets right here at BetUK.

Super Bowl Winners

LVII: Kansas City Chiefs 38-35 Philadelphia Eagles

LVI: Los Angeles Rams 23-20 Cincinnati Bengals

LV: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31-9 Kansas City Chiefs

LIV: Kansas City Chiefs 31-20 San Francisco 49ers

LIII: New England Patriots 13-3 Los Angeles Rams

LII: Philadelphia Eagles 41-33 New England Patriots

Super Bowl Stats

- The most successful team in the league is the New England Patriots, who have won the Super Bowl on six different occasions and made the showpiece event a record 11 times. They have the most Super Bowl wins and losses alongside the Pittsburgh Steelers (as winners) and the Denver Broncos (as losers).

- Only four teams have failed to reach a Super Bowl in their history: Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, Detroit Lions and the Cleveland Browns.

- Four teams have a 100% record in the Super Bowl; these teams are: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (who famously won in 2020), New Orleans Saints, New York Jets and the Baltimore Ravens.

- Five of the last eight Super Bowl winners have come from the AFC, including New England Patriots (3), Denver Broncos, and Kansas City Chiefs.

- The 2023 Super Bowl was the first time that two brothers will be pitted against each other, with Eagles center Jason Kelce coming up against Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

American Football Betting Quick Links

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Super Bowl FAQs

What is the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is the final game of American Football’s NFL season, pitting the two winners of the Conference play-offs against one another. The winner of this game is then listed as the NFL champion for that season.

When is the Super Bowl?

The game is always played at the end of the regular season, once the winners of each Conference are decided. This is usually in early-to-mid February, although historically has taken place in late January also. The 2023 Super Bowl will be played on February 12th, although largely into the early hours of February 13th for UK viewers.

How Long is the Super Bowl?

On paper, the Super Bowl is made up of four 15-minute quarters, and a similarly lengthed halftime period, which gives a total of 75 minutes. However, regular viewers will know this is neer the case, as constant breaks in play for tactical changes usually lead to the game lasting at least three hours, but generally under four.

Where is the Super Bowl This Year?

This year’s game will be taking place in Glendale, Arizona, at the home of the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals, the State Farm Stadium.

What are the Average Points Scored in a Super Bowl?

Across the previous 52 games, the average total points scored is 48, with 31 going to the winners and 17 to the losers. That said, the average winning margin is 12 points.

Who Are the Favourites to Win the Super Bowl 2024?

The current favourites to win the Super Bowl are the Kansas City Chiefs., although they are only slight favourites. The likes of the Buffalo Bills & the San Francisco 49ers sit a little behind the reigning champions.

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