Deposit using Apple Pay at BetUK

Here at BetUK, we have set out to provide our players with the greatest and easiest betting and online casino experiences in the United Kingdom. One method of doing so, is by making sure our players can place deposits by using the most popular payment methods in the world and right now, that is Apple Pay.

Whether you're looking to place a bet on sports or play some of our fantastic online casino games, efficiency is key to the best experiences and with the introduction of Apple Pay onto BetUK, placing a deposit just became even more efficient!

Please be aware that your account will still be required to go through mandatory safety checks to get your account verified before you play. This does not change depending on your payment method.

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service created by the Apple Incorporation, this allows players to make payments using electrical devices such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets. Incorporated back in 2014, Apple Pay has dominated the financial world and it is now one of the main payment methods in the world of sports betting.

How to place a deposit and bet using Apple Pay

Placing a deposit using Apple Pay couldn't be easier. Simply enter either the BetUK app or enter on your Apple device.

Once you're on-site, you should login and head to deposit.

Here you should have three options, Apple Pay, Bank Transfer and VISA/Mastercard, simply input the valuation you wish to deposit and press continue to be taken to your Apple Pay cards.

Select the card you wish to use for payment and place your deposit.

Safety Measures

At BetUK, it may be easier than ever to place a deposit but it is even more important that players set the required limits to match their desired gameplay. To do this, head to the 'Safer Gambling Tools' section in our side menu. This will give you eight different ways of staying in control of your gameplay and betting from time management to deposit limits. It is recommended that you utilise these safer gambling tools to stay in control of your gaming experience.

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