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Roulette Bets
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Roulette Bets

Roulette Bets

There are a wide variety of different Roulette bets that you can place across the Bet UK online casino, and this guide is designed to teach you the basics, as well as inform you about some more advanced Roulette betting techniques. New players often wonder what the best Roulette bets are, and while that term is subjective, there are bets that are more likely to come off (best suited for players that want the best chance of accumulating smaller wins over an extended period of time), and bets that are going to pay out more substantially if they are successful.

The types of Roulette bets you can make across our selection are exactly the same as those that you may be used to placing in a land-based UK casino game environment. Many players will know the likes of ‘odd or even’ and ‘red or black’ bets, but having a wider knowledge can help you tailor your Roulette strategy to suit your preferences more accurately.

What Are Inside Bets in Roulette?

Inside bets cover those that are directly placed on one or more numbers. This includes straight-up bets on single numbers, which is the most difficult bet to be successful with, but also the most lucrative if it comes off. Split bets cover two numbers, and are placed on the dividing line between them, while corner bets cover four numbers, with chips placed on the cross that links them all. Street bets cover three consecutive numbers, and are placed on the end of the row they appear on, while line bets cover two separate streets for a total of six numbers.

Line Covers Six Numbers From Two Streets 5/1
Corner Covers Four Numbers in a Square 8/1
Street Covers Three Numbers in a Vertical Row 11/1
Split Covers Two Numbers 17/1
Straight Up Covers One Number 35/1

What Are Outside Bets in Roulette?

Outside bets are those that are propositions, such as whether the winning number will be red, black, odd, even, high (first 18), or low (latter 18). There are also two outside bets that cover 12 different numbers. The first is the column bet, which is made by placing chips at the end of your desired option, and offers a 2/1 payout for a successful gambit. The dozens bet also offers 2/1 odds, but you can select sequential numbers in blocks of first 12, second 12, or third 12.

Red/Black Covers All 18 Red Numbers or 18 Black 1/1
Odd/Even Covers All 18 Odd Numbers or 18 Even 1/1
High/Low Covers the First 18 Numbers or the Second 1/1
Column Covers 12 Numbers in a Horizontal Line 2/1
Dozen Covers First, Second, or Third 12 Numbers 2/1

What Are Call Bets in Roulette?

Call bets (sometimes known as ‘announced bets’ in land-based casino environments) are more complex wagers that cover larger areas of the wheel. While not immediately available in all online Roulette variants at the click of a button, you can still place them manually on each round. Voisins du Zero translates as “neighbours of zero”, and covers 17 different numbers, including the seven that are immediately clockwise from the green zero pocket, the nine that are on the opposite side, and the zero itself. Tiers du Cylindre covers the 12 numbers that are opposite these, from black 33 to red 27. Orphelins bets focus on the group of eight numbers that are not covered by either Voisins or Tiers bets. There is no fixed return for any of these Roulette bets.

What Are the Best Roulette Bets?

The term “best” is a difficult one to work with, as it depends on what it means to your own personal gameplay preferences. If you’re after the best chance of accruing a profit over 100 spins for example, then outside bets are likely to be most beneficial. If you’re looking for the biggest payouts on offer when playing Roulette online, then inside bets are likely to be the best bets to go for.

Returning a profit roughly 47% of the time, wagering on even money outside bets such as ‘high or low’ is more likely to return a profit over an extended period of playing Roulette online. You can expand this to include other outside bets such as dozens, which offer a slightly increased payout for a successful bet. However, if you’re someone who prefers rarer, bigger wins, then inside bets like straight-up and split are going to suit you more, but there is less chance of securing a profit over time.

As a sort of middle ground, many Roulette operators are reporting seeing an increase in people placing corner bets (which cover four numbers), and street bets (which cover three). This ups the chances of winning on the next spin of the Roulette wheel, while not reducing the returns too significantly, making each of them a popular bet when playing Roulette online for real money.

Roulette Betting FAQs

Can I Bet on Red and Black at the Same Time in Roulette?

If you’re a seasoned online Roulette player, it may come as a surprise to learn that this is a very common question. The short answer is yes, but it’s hard to see why it would be employed as a Roulette strategy, especially if the same wager is placed on each. The green zero in European Roulette also means that winning back your money is not a guarantee with this tactic, but there’s nothing stopping you from betting on red and black at the same time in Roulette.

Are Some Numbers More Likely Than Others to Win in Roulette?

In a word, no. Each number on a Roulette wheel has the same chance of appearing (unless, of course, it’s defective) and will offer the same payout. You’ll find that the best online casinos (Bet UK included) will check their equipment often to ensure that the Roulette wheel hasn’t become damaged in any way that would lead to an unfair result. Despite the fact that it is all down to random chance, Black 17 is bet on more regularly than any other number. Other popular numbers to bet on in Roulette include 7 and 3 (probably due to superstitions of luck).

What Are the Least Common Numbers to Bet on in Roulette?

Speaking of superstition, it will probably come as no surprise that the least likely number to see a straight-up bet made on is 13. It’s traditionally a very unlucky number in the UK, and in some other European countries too. An interesting fact is that in Italy, 13 is actually considered to be lucky, with its basis in Roman culture. For similar reasons, 17 is the number that Italians tend to avoid.

Bet UK Roulette Bets Guide

Hopefully this guide has taught you some new information about the different types of Roulette bets you can make, as well as helping you to work out what type of Roulette player you are. Knowing this information can help you to forge that best strategy according to whether you’d rather see lower wins more often, or bigger wins more sparingly. If you’re still looking for some pointers about how to play Roulette online, we have additional guides like this, which explore different aspects of the popular table game.

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