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Below you can find an overview of how our bonuses work and some frequently asked questions if you are still unsure.

If you win with your cash, you can withdraw at any point. If it isn't your day and you run out of cash, then you will start playing with your bonus, giving you another chance to win.

I bet you'll have a few questions, so here's a few that we've already answered:

Q - If I take a bonus and win with my cash, can I withdraw my cash balance?

A - Yes, any winnings with cash will be paid directly into your cash balance and can then be withdrawn.

Q - Do my cash stakes contribute towards wagering requirements?

A - Cash no longer contributes towards any wagering requirements. Your cash will play first and can be withdrawn at any point. If your cash balance reaches 0, then you will play with your bonus funds and start contributing towards your wagering target.

Q - What happens if I withdraw my cash balance whilst I have an active bonus?

A - If you decide to cash in at any point, your bonus will be cancelled and all bonus funds will be forfeited.

Q - What happens if I lose my cash and try to withdraw my bonus funds?

A - If you lose all of your cash, then your bonus funds will start contributing towards the wagering requirement. Submitting a withdrawal request before your wagering target has been met will cancel the bonus and forfeit all bonus funds.

Q - What happens if I stake £1 with my cash and £1 with my bouns in a single stake, and win?

A - Your win will be proportionally paid out. In this example, half of your winnings would go into your cash balance, and half would go into your bonus balance.

Here's an example of how a bonus may work:

If you decided to take a 50% deposit match and deposited £100, you would have £100 cash balance and a £50 bonus balance.

You then take a spin on one of my slots, Cleopatra for example, and win £30 on your first spin. You would then have £130 cash, and a £50 bonus balance.

The next step is up to you, do you cash out now or keep on going for that big win?

If you still have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with my support team on Live Chat and they can talk you through and concerns you have.

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