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About Slingo Centurion

The original Centurion slot is an absolute masterpiece, and one of the most popular in our top online casino collection. While we’ve had a bit of a wait for a sequel/spin-off, it’s been worth it, as this Slingo offering is full of winning potential and intrigue.

The titular Centurion who hides behind the bush in the slot is once again present here, occasionally poking his head out to award useful boosts as you make your way through each round of 10 spins, crossing off numbers on your card as they match to the reel below. If you can form five complete lines of Slingos, you’ll receive a bonus round indicated by the bonus ladder on the left-hand side. The best of these are Wild Power Spins, which will be awarded if a Full House is completed.

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Play Centurion

How to Play Slingo Centurion

Total Bet

Use the red - and green + buttons in the bottom left of the screen to alter your total bet for the next round.


Start a round of Slingo Centurion by using the green ‘Start Game’ button to the right-hand side of your card. The reel will then spin, with the total number of remaining spins indicated by the blue number in the bottom right. Each time a number on the reel matches one on your card, it will automatically be crossed off.

Jokers will allow you to cross off any number on the column in which they appear. Super Jokers allow you to cross off any remaining number on your card. The Centurion can emerge from behind the bushes and award various boosts with a blow of his trumpet, including a guaranteed number of matching numbers and Free Spins.

Slingo Centurion Prizes

Each time you complete a winning Slingo line, you will advance one position up the prize ladder to the left-hand side of your card. Your current level will be indicated by the lit-up section.

Five Slingos

Five Slingos will award the Reelus Maximus feature. Hit the Spin button on the 5x3 reels, and a 3x3 symbol will land on the first three reels, potentially creating huge wins.

Six Slingos

Six Slingos will be enough to earn the Prizes on Parade feature. Each of the three soldier’s shields will have six positions that can move you along the trail, award multipliers, or collect. Press the stop button to grab prizes until the round ends.

Seven Slingos

Seven Slingos will grant you access to the Caesar’s Free Spins feature. Spin to reveal the random total multiplier and number of spins you will play the round with.

Eight Slingos

The Road to Rome bonus will be your prize for creating eight Slingos. Roll the dice to move around the game board, collecting multipliers. If you advance to Rome, you’ll win an instant cash prize.

Nine Slingos

Nine Slingos will reward you with an upgraded version of the Caesar’s Free Spins feature. The round works the same as the one awarded for seven Slingos, but with higher numbers of multiplier and Free Spins.

Ten Slingos

The Road to Rome also gets an upgrade if you form ten Slingos. The round works the same as the one for eight Slingos, but with boosted potential prizes.

Full House

Wild Power Spins are at the top of the prize ladder, if you can form a Full House. Three Power Spins will be awarded, with a fully stacked shield of Wilds appearing on reel two for the first spins, reels two and three for the second spin, and all three middle reels for the third spin. Massive jackpot prizes can be won as a result.

Bet UK Slingo Centurion Review

The original Centurion slot is incredible, but this Slingo alternative is equally as fantastic. Containing several of the bonus features found in the slot version, Slingo Centurion can lead to astounding jackpot wins, particularly if the soldier awards boosts as the round plays out. If you’ve enjoyed this game, you may wish to check out similar games, such as Deal or No Deal Slingo.

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