Next James Bond Betting Odds

The James Bond betting market has never been so heated as it is now, as the world waits to see who will replace Daniel Craig as the new 007.

Bond is big business in Hollywood and punters want a slice of the action. There is always talk about which actor will be the next James Bond, and in the coming months we should hear from executives who has been picked for Bond film No. 26.

There have already been seven on-screen bonds, from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig.

Who will replace Craig now his 15-year stint in the role is over? Let’s take a look at the viable contenders…

Next James Bond Odds

The next James Bond betting odds are always subject to change – here are the top six contenders right now…

Could Aaron Taylor-Johnson be the next Bond?

The frontrunner since November 2022, the Aaron Taylor-Johnson odds on him being the next Bond crashed after it emerged the Nocturnal Animals star had impressed producers. At 33 Taylor-Johnson is the right age to begin a decade-long Bond stint.

Could Henry Cavill be the next Bond?

He’s already played Superman. Can he now be Bond too? Henry Cavill is 40 and probably wouldn’t do a five-movie stint like Craig. But he has pulling power and the gravitas to be the next James Bond.

Could James Norton be the next Bond?

Well spoken and good looking, James Norton is the public school-type figure executives could swing back to following the “rough and ready” Craig years. At 37 he’s the right age for Bond but he probably won’t be as “fighty” as other contenders.

Could Paapa Essiedu be the next Bond?

A star of the TV screen and stage, Paapa Essiedu is less well known in America but has a burgeoning British audience. At 33 he’s the right age to take on Bond, and has enough Shakespeare in his back catalogue to go in whatever direction producers want. At 4/1 Essiedu is a great outside shout.

Could Tom Hardy be the next Bond?

Tom Hardy was a Bond contender back when Pierce Brosnan stepped down. He’s always been talked about as the natural successor to Craig, but at 45 it’s unlikely he’d attract the audience the producers want. Were Hardy to be cast as Bond it would probably only be for one or two movies. That’s not enough when you need to build a decade-long franchise around one guy.

Could Idris Elba be the next Bond?

Talking of drifting Idris Elba was once the odds-on favourite to replace Craig. But, like Hardy, he’s now arguably too old for the job. Elba wouldn’t be a bad Bond but at 50 he’d take the role in a direction the studio wouldn’t like. How do you market a 60-year-old Bond for his fourth movie and have him courting much younger women? You can’t. Elba is now 50/1 to get the nod.

When will the next James Bond be announced?

The next James Bond will be announced within a few months. The film studio is already working on the 26th Bond movie and has a 2025 release date. Therefore executives need to make their decision soon on the next James Bond actor.

Speculation is rife over who will replace Daniel Craig as the new James Bond. The focus is on early-30s actors Paapa Essiedu and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. It’s likely the studio won’t go much older than these guys, because the franchise needs to swing away from “tired” Craig towards a younger figure.

Next James Bond FAQs:

Who is the next James Bond?

We don’t yet know who the next James Bond will be, but leading contenders include Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Paapa Essiedu, Henry Cavill and James Norton.

Is Daniel Craig still James Bond?

No. Daniel Craig stepped down from his role as James Bond after his fifth movie, No Time to Die, in 2021.

Can I bet on the next James Bond?

Yes. You can bet on the next James Bond odds and back a number of film stars for the role, including Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Paapa Essiedu, Henry Cavill and James Norton.

Who is favourite in the James Bond odds?

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is favourite in the odds on next James Bond, while Paapa Essiedu, Henry Cavill and James Norton are all considered contenders.

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