Masked Singer/Dancer Betting

When the Masked Dancer and Masked Singer betting odds go live each year, fans from across the UK flock to the markets to see who might be behind the masks. There’s no way of knowing until the big reveal each week – but if you have a hunch then Bet UK is the place for you.

We offer Masked Singer odds and Masked Dancer betting markets throughout both series of ITV, and we love how passionate fans get when trying to uncover the hidden celebrities. That’s why you can wager on a range of Masked Dancer and Masked Singer betting markets, and put your knowledge to the test.

In this guide we’ll quickly take you through how to bet on the Masked Singer and Masked Dancer. You’ll learn the popular bet types for both TV shows, and why there’s a difference between them.

How to bet on Masked Singer and Masked Dancer

If you’ve not watched the Masked Singer or Masked Dancer before then where have you been? The show eliminates one act each week, and reveals who was behind the mask. Eventually we get a winner, who is crowned Singer or Dancer champion for that series.

The format is fairly straightforward and it makes betting on Masked Singer and Dancer markets easy too. Simply join Bet UK today and create an account, make a deposit, and then head over to the TV/Novelty section of our sportsbook. You’ll find all the Masked Dancer odds and Masked Singer markets available right now. Click a bet you want to back, enter your stake in the bet slip, and hit ‘Place Bet’ to complete the process.

That’s the easy part. But what type of Masked Dancer and Masked Singer bets are there? And why are some types more popular on one show, compared to the other.

Let’s find out…

Best Masked Singer Bets

Betting on the Masked Singer is arguably easier than the Masked Dancer. Why? Because you have the vocal clues as to who the singer might be. This opens up a range of possibilities, and means it’s easier to guess who is behind the mask, instead of focusing on who will win.

The top Masked Singer bets are:

Behind the mask – Who is behind each mask? Did anyone have Charlie from Busted down to be Rhino in 2023? No-one saw Joss Stone winning as Sausage in 2021. You can bet on which celeb you think is behind each of the masks, and use their vocal range as a prompt for your bets.

Who will win – Bet on who will win the Masked Singer. The vocal range of the singer usually means it's a professional who wins, with Nicola Roberts (Queen Bee) and Natalie Imbruglia (Panda) proof that singers win singing contests!

Next elimination – This is a great bet on the night when you wager on who will be out next. Singers with awful vocal range never last long!

Best Masked Dancer Bets

Betting on Masked Dancer odds is different to the Masked Singer because there are fewer clues to go on. You can’t hear their voice, so all you have is body shape and movement to help your wagers. Because of this, it’s hard to bet on who is behind the mask. Instead, bettors are more likely to wager on which act will win.

The top Masked Dancer bets are:

Who will win – Based purely on entertainment value, who do you think will win the ultimate prize at the end of the series?

Next elimination – Live betting on the night comes alive here when you wager on who might be eliminated next. Keep an eye out, too, for shock double eliminations like when Sea Slug and Odd Socks were both booted out.

Behind the mask – As we mentioned, it’s really hard to figure out who is behind the mask when movement is all you have to go on. But this is still a popular market for some bettors.

And there we have it. Now you know the core Masked Singer bets and Masked Dancer odds. So why not head over to the Bet UK sportsbook and see which acts are most likely to win the next series today!

Masked Singer/Dancer FAQs

Can I bet on the Masked Singer?

Yes. You can bet on the Masked Singer at Bet UK and access plenty of bet types, including Behind the Mask and Series Winner.

What are the Masked Singer odds?

We’re still waiting for the next series to drop on ITV but the Masked Singer odds will be live at Bet UK as soon as the lineup is announced.

What are the Masked Dancer odds?

ITV's is yet to announce when the Masked Dancer will be back on our screens. But the Masked Dancer odds will be live at Bet UK as soon as we know!

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